7 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Sex Life

7 Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Love Life You’re Doing It All Wrong!

Mistakes Ruin Love Life

Having a good love life with our partner is something all of us want. Even in long-term relationships, couples make mistakes while being physically intimate. All of us are unique and we share our individual opinions and desires when we engage in physical activity with our partners.

Why is making love so important? Cause it not only feeds our physical desires but also helps in building a strong bonding with our partner. Hence, it is important for us to feel good and make our partners feel good about the physical interaction on the bed.

To err is human. But we need to learn from our errors. We often tend to make a lot of mistakes while making love which might create a rift in our relationship.

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We have created a list of 7 mistakes which you should never do when making love. Read on and good luck.

(1) Lying on the bed without doing anything:

While making love, it doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman. Irrespective of your gender, if you just lay on the bed without moving, it irks your partner. Don’t expect your partner to do everything. Come on, you should make some efforts too. Both of you are involved in the activity with each other’s consent. So, don’t be just passive.

(2) Thinking that making love is a stress reliever:

Don’t assume things on behalf of your partner, especially when it’s about being physical. Your partner might be extremely stressed due to a lot of professional reasons but not necessarily they would want to be physical with you. You might feel that it will help them in getting rid of the stress but your partner might not feel the same. If you push them, it will increase the level of stress. Let it be. Making love is not the ultimate solution to be stress-free.

(3) Being scared to say what you feel after the act:

Feedback is important. It’s absolutely okay if you didn’t like certain things about your partner while making love or you like some acts which gave you satisfaction: probably you would want them more. Speak up. Your partner too needs to know what worked for you and what didn’t. You should always be clear about yourself. None of you are mind-readers. There’s nothing to be afraid of. You have engaged in physical activity because you have bodily desires. There’s no harm in this. Help your partner explore you and do the same. Ask for their feedback too.

(4) Not being on the same page, about your feelings on making love:

You might be always ready for one-night-stand but your partner might not. It might happen that you consider making love to be a casual act while your partner might be cherishing a totally different view. Make sure the two of you are on the same page before the act. This won’t lead to any misunderstandings. If both of you want the same thing, then it’s fine. If not, talk to each other and come to an agreement.

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(5) Not taking effort in understanding your partner’s body and your body at the same time :

You need to understand your body and your partner’s body too. Give time to link your emotional bonding with the physical bonding. You two will know a lot about each other. Build up the mood, know each other; take an active part, make moves and finally go for the complete physical union.

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