6 Easy Mind Reading Tips To Build Better Relationships

Easy Mind Reading Tips Build Better Relationships

Whether you are doing a job or business or involved in social work, the ability to read minds can give you an extra edge. Mind reading is a powerful skill that helps you to sense things that people don’t say and process its meanings. 

There is one thing common with most successful people in this world, they are empathetic and have mastered mind reading skills too. It helps you perceive people beyond what they speak and foster a deep connection with them. 

According to Hodges and Myers, “Empathy is often defined as understanding another person’s experience by imagining oneself in that other person’s situation”. People with empathy tend to understand other people’s problems or feelings or experiences as if the problems are experienced by them, but without actually experiencing it. A distinction is maintained between self and other.

Some people confuse this process with witchcraft and believe that somebody is trying to manipulate them. However, in psychology, it is called ‘empathic accuracy’. Empathetic accuracy is how accurately one can infer the thoughts and feelings of another person. Being able to read the mind doesn’t mean you will use manipulative techniques to your advantage once you know what other people are thinking. 

In fact, if we focus and look at it’s a brighter side, mind reading can allow you to understand others perspective and connect to them on deeper levels. Understanding the needs of customers can help you deliver better services, similarly, a nurse who can understand patients’ needs can deliver better care. When you are perceptive about varied stimuli around you, you can become more successful in life and work. 

You don’t need any superpower to read people’s mind, it’s a learnable skill. 

Here are 6 simple ways to efficiently read the mind of a person:

1) Focus on body language

Communication is not just about how you talk. Body language is the non-verbal mode of communication where you convey information through physical behavior. Non verbal cues like your tone, expressions, eyes, and gestures, sitting position, body posture speak volume about your personality.

Body language clearly says what someone is thinking. Our thoughts are clearly reflected in our actions, hence it’s understandable that one’s body language is directly connected to what the person might be feeling or thinking. Facial expression and body postures are outstanding sources of decoding a person’s emotions. 

For example, when we are stressed, our forehead is wrinkled, similarly, tilting the head sideways during conversation is a signal that you are genuinely interested in the conversation. When one is delighted, one’s smile will reach the eye and they will crinkle. A lack of crinkles around the eyes indicates a potentially fake smile.

When standing or sitting, if someone’s feet are pointed in your direction, it means they have a favourable opinion for you. If the feet of the person you’re talking to is pointing in the direction of someone else, it’s likely he or she would rather talk to that person and not you. On the other hand, sitting or standing with arms crossed but foot kicking slightly implies feeling emotionally detached from the discussion. 

We cannot manipulate our voice, movement of hands, and other non-verbal cues voluntarily. So, body language is a foolproof reflection of one’s thoughts. Body language analysis is an important strategy for mind reading.

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2) Read eye cues

Eyes tell everything about a person, they don’t lie and it’s quite true that eyes are windows to the soul. When you gaze at a person’s eyes, you gain a lot of information regarding their emotional state. Eyes can signal trust, distrust, contentment, fear, security and wide range of feelings. We can fake a smile but cannot control our pupils. 

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      1. Please tell me more about the mind reading maschine. Is it a software, or is it hardware? And what is the price for using it?

  2. the concept of reading a mind can you really read thoughts or are you surmising on body language and attitude do you think people can really have full conversations in their heads

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