Why Masked Depression Is One Of The Worst Kind of Depression?

Why Masked Depression Is One Of The Worst Kind of Depression?

Identification of depressive cases are essentially based on clinical judgement of typical depressive symptoms such as dysphoric mood, psychomotor retardation,disturbances in sleep, loss of interests and libido, diurnal rhythm in mood, anhedonia, suicidal ideation and behaviours.

These features were consistent with the core of depressive symptomatology reported by cross-cultural studies and served as the operational diagnostic criteria for depression in psychiatric practice. (5)

Considering the high prevalence of somatic symptoms which might mask the typical symptoms of depressive disorder and the multiple factors that contribute to the complications of the clinical picture,inaccurate diagnosis and treatment of masked depression is very common.

This is invariably leading to serious somatic and psychological consequences for the patients and considerably limit patients’ social functioning, increase suicide rate, and further increase the costs of diagnosis and treatment.(6)


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Why Masked Depression Is One Of The Worst Kind of Depression?

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