10 Tips On How To Make Up After a Fight

Tips Make Up After a Fight

It is good to fight sometime but you need to learn the ways to make up after a fight with your loved one.

Arguments in a relationship are inevitable, everyone is different and there can be disagreements at times which may lead to arguments. There probably is no way to not have an argument. But it’s okay to have arguments until you can make up for it.

Few pieces of advice on how to make up after a fight with your loved one

1. You don’t need to win.

In an argument with your loved one, there is no winning, you may win the argument but lose something more important.

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You don’t need to be right always, in fact, there is no right or wrong, whatever the thing you’re arguing over won’t even matter after some time. To win is not in your best interest and that is probably not what you want, is it?

2. Hug your partner

Touches have magic in them when you’re at a disagreement or in an argument with your partner don’t hesitate or refrain from asking your partner for a hug or be generous and give one.

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It reminds you of how you love your partner and how much they matter to you. This can avoid a big fight.

3. Take a deep breath, count to ten

You don’t want to hurt your partner in the spur of the moment, do you? If you feel like there is going to be an argument because you just heard something you dislike or disagree with, just take a deep breath and count to ten, it helps your anger ease and gives your brain time to think if an argument is worth it. It works! Try it sometime.

4. Pick a stop signal for both of you

Determine a secret signal, may be a gesture or a word to let your partner know that now you’re passing the threshold of your patience and need to stop.

When the disagreement is at its peak and can turn into an argument we need to let each other know that it’s time to stop to prevent an uglier spat.

5. Is the issue worth fighting for?

Ask yourself if the thing you’re arguing over is worth it. It’s okay to have differences and disagreements, everyone is different and it’s not easy to fit in someone’s way of living.

You just need to ask if the issues are worth fighting for because in the long run most of them won’t even matter.

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6. Break the tension

How do you ask?

Bring in some humor. You don’t need to be satirical or sarcastic and don’t even try to be ironic just introduce some funny word or gesture. Humor works great to break the tension and makes the environment lighter.

7. Take responsibility

While you take a deep breath and count to ten, think about what is making you angry or uncomfortable. Know your position and don’t be afraid to take responsibility.

8. Try to be in their sees for a while

We often interpret the actions of our partner in a much negative way, if they are not doing anything the way we like we just attribute a negative aspect, for example, if our partner forgot our birthday or anniversary we tend to think it’s simply because he doesn’t care.

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Well maybe there were some problems and you need to understand your partner, you need to try to understand why he does things he does.

9. Keep ego aside

If you are arguing with your partner and if you let your ego take over you, you’re bound to lose. Remember your partner is more important to you than your ego.

You don’t need to win or be the one who is right, nothing is above love. For the sake of love keep your ego at bay if you ever get into an argument with your partner.

10. Willing to learn and teach

Arguments can be healthy too, if there is a disagreement it means the other has some different perception, try to understand their perception and may be they are right or maybe they are wrong, this is how we learn.

Just don’t let your ego take over you.

Be open to differences and if your partner is wrong just let them know they are wrong and it’s okay to be wrong.

Make Up After a Fight With Your Loved One
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