Do You Have A ‘Low’ or a ‘High Vibration’? 63 Identifying Signs

 January 19, 2018

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Do You Have A 'Low' or a 'High Vibration'? 63 Telling Signs

So with this in mind, what kind of vibration do you have, and how does this impact your life?



– You feel “stuck” or stranded in life, not knowing what to do next.
– You struggle with apathy, or an uncaring attitude towards yourself and others.
– You are emotionally distant.
– You are emotionally reactive.
– You struggle with constant fatigue and lethargy.
– You have a primarily self-centric view of the world.
– You often struggle with despair and desperation.
– You find it almost impossible to get “unstuck” from old habits.
– You have a prominent Shadow Self.
– You struggle with chronic illnesses.
– You feel physically unfit and unhealthy.
– You bottle up feelings such as resentment and jealousy.
– You find it hard to forgive yourself and other people.
– You suffer from a guilt complex (i.e. you constantly feel guilty about something/seek things out to feel guilty about).
– You don’t really know what you want in life.
– You continue to make poor choices.
– You struggle with mental health issues such as anxiety, OCD or depression.
– You find it hard to see the beauty in life.
– You feel unfulfilled.
– Your connections with others constantly bring you pain.
– You are overly cynical and skeptical.
– You are argumentative.
– You complain a lot.
– You have substance abuse issues.
– You self-sabotage.
– You focus primarily on the negative in life.
– You struggle to feel gratitude.
– You eat a lot of fatty or processed foods (e.g. meat, fast food, lollies).
– You are needy or demanding of others.
– You watch a lot of violent multimedia and/or listen to intense music with violent       lyrics (e.g. heavy metal, screamo, rap).
– You find it hard to make any real progress in life.


– You are self-aware (i.e. you are conscious of what you are saying, doing, thinking and feeling, as well as the affect this has on others).
– You are empathetic towards others needs and you make a habit of seeing through the eyes of other people.
– You are highly creative and are often bursting with ideas and inspiration.
– You are emotionally balanced.
– You feel connected to that which is “beyond” you (e.g. life, divinity, love).
– You have a great sense of humor towards life.
– You don’t take yourself too seriously.
– You regularly feel gratitude for what you have in life.
Smiling and laughing comes easily to you.
– You don’t experience much disappointment because you don’t cling to passing things (e.g. material comforts, friendships, indulgences).

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