When You Love Someone Who Can’t Accept Love

When You Love Someone Who Can’t Accept Love

Are you deeply in love with someone, who can’t accept love? No matter how much you try and shower love on them, it just doesn’t work?

Sometimes, it happens so, you shower someone with love and affection, and all you get back is only half of it.

Have you ever come across such a person? You might feel that they can never measure up to your quantity of love and emotion. They will guard their heart so protectively that there is hardly anything within your power to change it. But how can you be sure that they are not worthy of being loved?

You might feel that they are not accepting your love. That they are not understanding your emotions and always shutting you out.

When You Love Someone Who Can’t Accept Love

Don’t you feel like something is wrong with that person? Maybe, maybe not. Just like the way you understand and comprehend emotion, the other person might not be able to do the same. And this is absolutely fine. We should not tag them as ‘insensitive’, ‘heartless’, or ‘mean’.

‘Give love’, ‘spread the love’, and ‘feel love’ – we all know true love is unconditional. For how much ever we give, we cannot always expect the same in return. Well, that’s not how unconditional works. When you give too much and receive nothing, don’t ever feel it’s ‘you’ who’s love is not enough, or the person you are associated with doesn’t know how to love. Love is subjective. It’s never the same for you and me.

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You try hard to find a room in his or her’s heart. But, they refuse to give you the key. Maybe they are not comfortable sharing their deepest thoughts with you, yet. Not because they don’t want to. Maybe, they don’t know how to.

Don’t just charge them of being incapable of demonstrating love. Not everyone grew up knowing the same type of love. They are different from you, not bad or a Devil’s friend.

What happens, when you actually fall for such a person? Would you accuse him or her of not loving you enough? Or will you understand the situation and not force love upon that person? You cannot impel someone to love you back. If you feel that you are not getting the same amount of love and affection in return, then, it’s fine.

Maybe it’s not the right place for you, maybe not the right time.

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If you want to be loved back the way you want, then you have boarded the wrong train, my friend. It’s not your destination. At times, we just want life to dance in our own tune. When in reality it’s just the reverse. So it’s up to you, whether you choose to board or not or find someone who would willingly share the same destination as you. This is your journey. You choose, whether you walk it alone or with someone. You sure do understand love, so never give up on it.


If you want to know more about loving someone who can’t accept love, then check out this video below:


When You Love Someone Who Can’t Accept Love
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