6 Differences Between Loving Someone and Being In Love With Them

Loving Someone Being In Love With Them

But when you’re in love, like I’ve already told you, they come first. And this means that you want them to have a wonderful life outside of your relationship as well. Possession becomes a two-way street. They have a part of you that is only theirs and you have a part of them that’s only yours. You understand and even encourage them to do the things they love, even if it requires you to be separated for a while.

Both of you respect each other’s goals and do what you can to help each other attain success.

5. Settling down won’t seem like a bad thing.

Loving someone can be euphoric in the beginning. Your oxytocin levels are at a new high and you feel like you’re on top of the world. It’s an addictive feeling but when you’re up that high, it’s quite easy to come crashing down, and soon enough you will.

If you’re really in love, you’ll come back down to earth but you’ll also have constant, steadier happiness that surrounds you and you’ll know that it’s there to stay. You’ll realize that real love is giving that person all the happiness that you can and the joy that comes with is simply a bonus added to everything you already have.

There’s no longer any emotional rollercoaster that can bring you down any second but you will have the greater joy of knowing that any storm that comes your way, you’ll be able to weather together.

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6. You never have to look for that feeling.

You know what I’m talking about. Some relationships are just extremely difficult. It’s a constant struggle to keep that initial spark of attraction from being blown out. You’ll always care for them but anything more than that will begin to feel like a burden like it’s just an act you’re keeping up for the rest of the world to see.

Of course, any relationship can have its difficult moments, even if you are truly in love with each other. Life just isn’t a fairytale. There will always be days or weeks or months that are harder than the rest and nobody can avoid them.

But even when you are so stressed that it feels like you’re losing a few years of your life, you know that love is there. No matter how hard it gets, you’ll have the assurance that both of are you in love with each other.

Love itself is something you’ll never have to force yourself to feel. The feeling will always surround you even if you feel like you’re losing everything else.

6 Differences Between Loving Someone & Being In Love With Them
Loving Someone Being In Love With Them Pin

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