Can You Pass The Love Test? QUIZ

can you pass the love test

Love makes the world go round. No doubt, being in love is easily one of the best feelings on earth, but the game of love is by no means easy. Can you pass the love test?

It takes skills to navigate the uncertain waters of love. To begin with, it is hard to find someone to connect with and harder still to maintain consistency in your love life. It is best to know how good and sharp your love skills are before dipping your feet deeper into the world of love and romance. Here is a love test to help you with that– the Love Skill quiz.

Nothing is mysterious, no human emotion. Except love.– Susan Santog

Love can be very elusive– sometimes it’s more unclear than abstract art, sometimes more constant than scientific principles, and at times, more philosophical than the subject of philosophy itself!

The Power Of Love

Since times immemorial, man has been intrigued by love and has tried to get more intimate with its enigmatic nature through religion, literature, art, theatre, cinema, and music.

What is hell? I maintain that it is the suffering of being unable to love.– Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Love is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Just like we can’t control nature, similarly, we are powerless before love. It is inherently unpredictable and free; it strikes us suddenly like a bolt of lightning. All we can do is surrender ourselves to love, completely and wholeheartedly.

Even in science, love is the most researched yet least understood amongst all human behaviors. According to neuroscientists, romantic love isn’t just another emotion we feel, but it is a firmly rooted biological drive.

Skills Needed For Love

Practically speaking, just like any other skill in life, knowing the ‘how(s)’ of love is essential to be successful and happy in your relationships. Romantic competence requires certain abilities, and once you learn these skills, your romantic relationships will definitely benefit.

According to Joanne Davila, a professor of psychology and speaker at TED talks, there are three main skills required to achieve healthy relationships.

1. Insight:

Insight, or awareness, is important to know yourself and your partner better. Once you develop insight into who you are as a person, what are your needs, and why you react in certain ways, you’ll be able to handle relationships with more maturity. Insight also helps one acknowledge and appreciate all the little things your partner does for you, as well as what makes your partner annoyed.

2. Mutuality:

Mutuality is about understanding that both you and your partner have a particular set of needs and it’s important that those personal needs are fulfilled. You must know how to convey your needs in a clear manner and include your partner’s choices in making bigger decisions regarding your relationship so that neither of you feels unjustly treated.

3. Emotional regulation:

This is about developing a broader perspective that helps us control our emotions better and remain calm through perplexing situations. At times, we feel anxious and snappy towards our partner and react without thinking, which makes us regretful later on. Emotional regulation ensures you can manage uncomfortable emotions while maintaining your self-respect.

Take The Love Skill Test

The Love test, curated by experts, is going to help you judge how practical and matured your approach to your love life is, so you can take better decisions and improve yourself where you need to.

Read each question in the quiz carefully and give an honest answer, and we will provide you with a relevant analysis of your love skills.

Get started with this interesting quiz, and also share the results with your loved ones. Ask them to take the love skill quiz and find out if they pass the love test. And don’t forget to comment on your results below!

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