Love Sometimes Requires Letting Go


These kinds of experiences constitute a strong psychic bond that’s undeniable and that can be difficult to break. For those remaining loyal and steadfast to the promises they made before the incarnation, their willingness to see their divine complements through tough times may add to their own suffering. They may unconsciously run to the rescue by taking on their partner’s karma. This kind of loyalty may become a burden too heavy to cope with. A psychic cord connecting one soul to the other often attaches when the human bond is great. Attached at the heart or solar plexus, it functions as a kind of lifeline for the soul that is dependent on the energy of the other. Cutting psychic cords is easy for an experienced psychic healer, but keeping the cords from reattaching is a more a difficult task, one requiring a deeper spiritual healing. The psychic phenomenon called cording can be repeated as much as 20 times a day. A soul using the life force of another seems to get its way more often than not.


The Eternal Connection of the Spirit

One bond between “true” soulmates, divine complements, can never be severed. The signature that links them at the dimension of spirit is based on eternal promise established at the beginning of the creation. It is an eternal bond housed at the heart of the spirit in a dimension beyond ordinary cognition, only perceived by those who have awakened to its spiritual power.

The recognition of the eternal promise does not mean that soulmates are meant to hold on to a relationship that has ended.

To live with the kind of poverty of love that results in abuse, disconnection or perpetual discontent only produces more suffering and heartache. Letting go may be the most loving thing a soulmate couple can do. With forgiveness comes greater acceptance and a higher volume of love, a love that is less attached, full-hearted, at peace and complete.

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