11 Ways Love Feels Differently When You’re With The Right Person

love feels differently when youre with the right person

Ever wondered why some relationships and marriages last a lifetime? That’s because they are in love with the right person. Once you’ve been through a toxic relationship, it can be easy to lose all hope and think you will never be loved the way you deserve.

“Never rush into a relationship. True love is bound to reveal itself sooner or later.” – Jayden Hayes

However, loving the right person can completely change that belief and make you experience what true love really feels like.

How Love Feels Different With The Right Person

Dating and relationships can be really frustrating and disappointing when you are with the wrong person. Not only will you lack any real romantic spark, but you will also always find yourself trying really hard to make your relationship better.

Despite all your efforts, you will never enjoy a loving, healthy, and satisfying relationship. However, when you are in a relationship with the right person, everything will feel different and effortless. 

“The right man comes at the right time.” – Proverb

Loving the right person can give your life a new meaning and purpose. A romantic relationship with the right person will feel inherently and energetically different from any other relationship you’ve had in the past.

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You will feel an instinctual and natural alignment with them when you’re with the right person. Although there may still be disconnection and conflict, the relationship will tend to progress effortlessly unlike all the struggles you’ve faced in your other relationships.

Even during the conflict, you will share a strong bond, love, and closeness with the right person. It may still take a lot of work and compromises, but it will be more than worth it for building a lasting relationship with the right person.

11 Ways ‘The One’ Will Love You Differently

Life feels a whole lot better once you’ve found the right person who will love you the way you deserve to be loved. You will feel it in every single interaction with the other person. 

Here are 10 ways your relationship will be different when you’re with the one who is right for you.

1. You will be loved the way you are

When you’re in a relationship with one, you won’t feel compelled to change yourself for your partner. They will love you and accept you just the way you are and find uniqueness in your being. They will not criticize or humiliate you when you are not at your best.

Instead, they will support you and give you the strength you need when you’re down. They will love you even when they don’t like something about you. But they will not ask you to change for them. They will love everything about you.

2. You will be heard and understood

Loving the right person will make you feel understood as you’ve never been before. Your partner will not only listen to whatever you have to say but they will do it with a lot of attention. They will understand what’s going on with you without making you feel ignored.

They will not push you away when you share your problems with them. Instead, they will listen intently and help you to make things better.

3. Silence won’t feel awkward

Although you may be able to talk with the right partner for hours, sitting in silence can feel comfortable and blissful as well. You can easily sit with them in silence for hours without feeling awkward for even a single moment. Both you and your partner can be at peace with the silence without feeling a nagging need to speak.

4. They’ll know how to make you happy 

“Our soulmate is the one who makes life come to life.” – Richard Bach

Regardless of how bad your day is going, the right person will know exactly how to cheer you up. They will know what makes you smile, what makes you laugh, and what makes you feel alive. They will know the tiniest details about you and effortlessly make you feel better in an instant.

They will have the right sense of humor and will lighten your mood to make you feel better instantly. Whether it’s through something small like taking you out to your favorite restaurant or some grand romantic gesture like buying a piece of fine jewelry or something intimate like a hug or kiss, they will know exactly what to do to make you smile.

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5. Mistakes won’t affect how they love you

The right person will love you, care about you and support you even when you have significantly screwed it up. Although they will be mad at you, they will still greet you with a smile and a kiss. They will love you even at your worst. Just like they will love you at your best.

6. They will love your family & friends

Your circle of friends and your family will love them just as much as they will love the people important to you. Most of the time our parents and friends often tell us when a person isn’t right for us. Loving the right person and being in a relationship with them will make your parents and friends feel safe as they will know you will be loved and cared for.

The right person will take the necessary efforts to gain the trust of your parents and will give them the assurance they need. They will never pose a threat or ignore your friends and family.

7. You will feel free and independent

“Someone who loves you will reveal beautiful things within yourself… things you had never noticed before… things nobody else cared to.” – Steve Maraboli

When you’re in the right relationship, you won’t feel controlled and dominated. As they will trust you completely, they will trust your decisions as well. They will not tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. They will support your every decision but will also tell you when you may be wrong about something.

However, they will give you complete freedom to take every decision independently without trying to influence or manipulate you.

8. They will respect you

You will never feel suffocated when you’re with the one you’re meant to be with. They will let you be without being needy or desperate for your attention. They will know that you need your personal time to be with yourself, your work, and your friends, just as much as they do. The right person will respect your need for space and bring that much-needed balance into your life.

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9. You will feel accountable

“Find someone who openly communicates their feelings. Someone who realizes that you’re not perfect and never expects you to be.” – Brigitte Nicole

As they will trust you and let you be yourself completely without trying to influence you, you will feel accountable for your actions. When a conflict arises, both of you will apologize and hear each other out instead of blaming one another and pointing fingers.

You will be willing to talk out differences and accept your mistakes. Moreover, you will also be open to doing things differently if needed, without getting defensive.

10. They won’t make you feel abandoned

The right person won’t leave you for any number of reasons. They will not leave you heartbroken nor will they abandon you to rot alone in agony. They will not walk away when you need their love the most and need them to hold you in their arms. This is how a relationship with the right one will be different.

11. You will feel proud of them

A toxic relationship is riddled with assumptions, insecurities, and jealousy. But when you are with the right person will have a lot of admiration and respect for them. Instead of feeling ashamed of your relationship, you will celebrate them.

You will be thankful for having them in your life and you will trust them. Their beliefs, principles, and achievements will make you feel proud just as much as they will be proud of yours.

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The Right Person Will Be Worth All The Pain

“The right person will come, once you have suffered enough to deserve (him or) her.” – Juvenal Lopez

Relationships can be really frustrating when you are with the wrong person. It can leave you emotionally scarred, making you feel that you will never find true love. But it’s out there. The thing is, you can never ‘find’ the right one.

You have to let them come to you. And that will happen when you go out there and live your best life. When you become the best version of yourself instead of rotting in your self-imposed mental and emotional prison. 

You need to step out of the darkness and let the light fill you. You have to shine your brightest so that the right person can see you and come into your life. That’s how you will experience love and connection like you’ve never felt before.

11 Ways Love Feels Differently When You’re With The Right Person
Loving the right person
love feels differently when youre with the right person pinex
love feels differently when youre with the right person pin

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