What Is Love Addiction: 5 Symptoms Of Love Addiction And How To Stop It

Symptoms Love Addiction Stop It

3 Ways to Manage Being a Love Addict

If you’ve found out you’re dealing with love addiction, don’t worry. There are tools at your disposal and things you can do! This is not the end of the world and there are so many people dealing with varying degrees of love addiction.

Here are some tips that can help you manage.

#1 Seek help.

There are plenty of self-help groups in this day and age. Also professional help works, guys! Getting outside help can unmask destructive patterns from your past and childhood and can help you uncover self-love and self-respect so that you can take a step back and make healthier choices.

#2 Go 6 months no dating no apps.

This is a tough one but if you are not currently in a relationship, go 6 months without dating anyone or swiping on apps. You also might want to tie this time in with seeking outside help, but this will help you with falling in love with yourself first so that you can have more boundaries for yourself and for what you are willing or not willing to tolerate in relationships.

#3 Go through your history and find the patterns.

Write out the history of your relationships, including the one with your parents and the relationship they had together. See if you can spot a pattern. How were your needs met and how were your needs not met in each relationship.

Start to only surround yourself with people who are compassionate and kind towards you. This is going to offset those needs that were not met previously.

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What Is The Cause Of Love Addiction

A lot of love addiction can stem from abandonment issues and problems from childhood. This can be brought on by parental or guardian figures leaving or not being around. So feeling like they need someone to attach to in order to have their needs met is a big factor of love addiction.

It is an obsession of the mind similar to any addiction and does not really have to do with “love”. For a love addict, it is mostly about escaping and using people like a drug. The person becomes the drug and the link to not dealing with personal issues or problems.

For love addicts, their emotional needs might not have been met during the crucial growing years of childhood and adolescence. This causes them to attach to people or even authority figures and intrusive thoughts can come in disrupting their life and causing life to be unmanageable.

Love addiction can be caused by one thing or multiple things. It is similar to other addictions, some people say that it is something they are born with and others say that it was created in them.

Things like childhood trauma, having addicts as parents, being chemically imbalanced, or going through abusive relationships in the early years of adolescence can all impact someone to become a love addict.

If you feel like you or someone you love is suffering from this addiction, seek professional help and reach out to someone. There are also 12 step programs designed to help such as SLAA Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous and can be a tremendous help with making life more manageable.

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What Is Love Addiction: 5 Symptoms Of Love Addiction And How To Stop It
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