8 Different Types Of Drunks: From Buzzed To Being Absolutely Blotto


Different Types Of Drunks: Buzzed To Absolutely Blotto

Ah, the magical elixir that transforms us into curious creatures of the night—the mighty drink! It’s fascinating how a single sip can turn even the most reserved souls into animated versions of themselves, each with their own unique flair. So, let’s raise our glasses and delve into the interesting world of the different types of drunks.

From the life of the party to the sad soul, alcohol can bring out everyone’s hidden side; the side which they keep concealed most of the time.

We all know that person—the one who suddenly becomes an unstoppable DJ, playing the most happening songs of the night. Or perhaps you’ve encountered the philosopher, whose profound thoughts flow like rivers of wisdom, fueled by every drop of liquid courage.

Let’s explore the different types of drunks, and how they behave when intoxicated.

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8 Different Types Of Drunks — Which One Are You?

1. The Happy Drunk

A happy drunk is the best kind of drunk: they are genuinely happy people, who get even happier when drunk. This is a good thing for most people, and they are usually the life of the parties.

The only reason why you would find them annoying at times is when you are sober or less drunk than them; their overly excited nature can get on your nerves after a point. But overall, these people are probably the most unproblematic ones at a party, because they are always busy having a good time.

2. The Miserable Drunk

This is probably one of the most annoying types of drunks, in my opinion.

Sometimes alcohol can make us sad, especially the Miserable Drunk, which further makes everyone else around them feel bogged down and bored. We’ve all seen someone like this at a party: maybe they’ve been dumped, perhaps their day sucked at work today.

Or whatever else it might be, but whenever they get drunk, they get all depressed and sappy, and before you know it, they’re crying on your shoulder. Miserable drunks can be a huge buzzkill in social situations, and half of the time they don’t even remember anything the next day.

Different types of drunks

3. The Philosophical Drunk

Every party has this drunk person, and you cannot convince me otherwise! You know you have met a philosophical drunk when they just can’t stop talking about what life is. While other people are either making out or have fallen asleep, they’ll be looking up at the stars and telling you how “everything is for nothing”.

It’s like they’ve suddenly turned into Friedrich Nietzsche in a bomber jacket and a vodka soda. People like them have the ability to philosophize everything under the sun, from their favorite order at Pizza Hut to why we wear underpants.

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4. The Horny Drunk

One of the most irritating types of drunks, in my opinion, the Horny Drunk becomes very sleazy and inappropriate when they’re intoxicated. They make lascivious comments and attempt to grope others for fun.

They are extremely creepy and disgusting and are always the ones getting punched by others. The thing is they are actually very sleazy, and the alcohol in their system makes them even more so.

Be it a man or a woman, being harassed is not okay, and that’s exactly what these types of drunks do. No wonder, people steer clear of them in social situations.

5. The Angry Drunk

One of the many different types of drunks is the Angry Drunk, and probably the most dangerous one too.

There are some people who deal with anger issues when they are sober, and these issues get even more aggravated when they are drunk. Whenever they drink too much, they tend to become very unfriendly and are always ready to engage in fistfights with anyone they have a disagreement with.

They can be dangerous people to be around because you never know what will flip them off. Even the slightest inconvenience might tip them off the edge, and before you know it, there’s a violent altercation happening.

6. The Sloppy Drunk

There is probably someone you know who likes screaming “I’m not drunk!” while he stumbles and knocks onto the table full of food. Sloppy drunks are the ones who don’t know their limits, and they drink till they pass out. Excessive consumption of booze leads to an untidy appearance and poor self-conduct.

They don’t just look like a mess, they slur their words and stumble around. And no matter how many times you might tell them to stop drinking or take it slow, they will repeatedly embarrass themselves with their antics. Sloppy drunks tend to bring down the mood of the room with their behavior and are quite unpopular amongst people.

Different types of drunks

7. The Reckless Drunk

One of the most unreliable drunk personality types is the Reckless Drunk. Such people have the tendency to do crazy things when they drink. Since alcohol reduces their inhibitions, they become impulsive by nature.

While for some people, impulsive might mean shopping for things they don’t need, for them, it’s doing things that can risk their lives. For example, driving under the influence, or walking on the edge of the roof trying to prove that they’re not drunk, and they are simply “having fun”.

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8. The Blackout Drunk

One of the many different types of drunks is this one right here. When you meet a drunk person who tends to blackout whenever they drink, you know it’s going to be a long night.

Someone who is a blackout drunk tends to drink so much, that they don’t remember anything the next day. Clearly, they have issues with alcohol, and find it hard to understand their limits. They binge-drink every time there’s alcohol involved, and they continue drinking till they blackout and fall asleep.

It should be noted that frequent occurrence of blackouts is an early indication of problematic drinking or alcohol use disorder. When someone cannot stop or control their drinking, they may experience blackouts more often than others.

Which of these different types of drunks do you think you are? And which of these drunk personality types do you find the most annoying and off-putting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below!

types of drunks

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