How You Lose A Woman Who Loves You More Than Anything Else

Lose Woman Loves You More Than Anything

You want to know how you can lose a woman who loves you more than anything else? Who only thinks about you, and your needs?

You know she’s out there, still loving you the way she always has. But are you sure she will be there if you keep on treating her like this?

You have stopped calling her in the morning. She goes to sleep alone without even expecting you would call her up and tell her about your day. She has stopped expecting because you have stopped giving her priority. You are making her feel that she’s taken for granted. Just because she’s allowing you to do so, that doesn’t mean she will let you continue like this.

What about your lunch breaks? Don’t you remember her? Or you just ignore her deliberately? You don’t ask her if she had lunch but she still waits for your call. Do you think she will wait for your call tomorrow too?

She doesn’t demand your time. She doesn’t demand anything. But she deserves your time; she deserves to be your priority and you have stopped making her feel so.

How You Lose A Woman Who Loves You More Than Anything Else

When’s the last time you called her beautiful? Does it ring any bells? She still wears high heels you have forced her to wear. Have you seen her boils? Or that wound around her ankle? She fell the other day. Did you ask her how is she? She expected a call from you or at least a hug would do. But you have decided to ignore her. She’s breathing and perhaps that’s what it means to you.

Have you wondered when your existence will stop having a meaning in her life?

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You have listened to what others tell about her. She had said something and you get to hear her words from others. You believe in them; you charge her for things she didn’t she or she didn’t mean to say. Even if she said something which she shouldn’t have, have you ever asked her the reason behind it?

Have you ever thought how could she or why would she say such a thing?

She too felt distraught because she thought you would believe in her. She considers you as her world and she knew that no matter what, you would have faith in her.

Now she sees, you don’t even trust her. She feels so cornered. She feels so lonely now.

Are you sure that your companionship is not growing synonymous with loneliness? Isn’t she getting used to being ignored and just being herself? If you continue with your ways, do you really think she will be there for you?

How You Lose A Woman Who Loves You More Than Anything Else
How You Lose A Woman Who Loves You More Than Anything Else

She works day and night to manage finances for both of you. She always tells you not to worry about bills and finances because she is there. She misses pampering herself because it helps you financially too. Is this her job? Can’t you see how much she loves you?

You mean the whole world to her even though she is just a part of your world. She lives for you but you ignore her. You misbehave with her.

You have gone out to women, talked to them nights after nights. She got your phone busy but she didn’t say anything. She saw how you have put your arms around their necks but she never said anything. She trusts you. She accepts the way you flirt with other women because she believes in you. But you keep on hurting her. You spend time with them, ignoring her, taking advantage of her trust and innocence.

You have been exploiting her in every possible way. She’s letting herself get exploited because she loves you. She didn’t think of her self-esteem because you mean everything to her. But this pain she cherishes within herself will grow and burst one day.

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The distance you have created between the two of you will grow so much that she will learn to live without you. She will become so numb by your ignorance and the pain that she will live as if you don’t exist in her life anymore. That day, you will lose her.

Because this is how you lose a woman who loves you more than anything else.

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