Wonderful Benefits of Smudging Your House, Backed By Science!


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Wonderful Benefits of Smudging House

Did you know that smudging your house can protect and heal you in more ways than one?

Smudging your home is an activity, that has roots in indigenous culture, and although considered dubious, has found shelter under science.

Science has brought forth evidence that proves the benefits of smudging your house. It is actually a useful exercise to protect one’s household, from disaster.

What does smudging your house mean?

Smudging is performed by burning raisins and other medicinal herbs for a period of 24 hours. It has been said that medicinal smoke raised from smudging destroys all negativity, and harmful bacteria, both spiritual, and scientific.

When you smudge a house, it acts as a domestic antiseptic in the household where it is performed. It isn’t an exercise in futility; it comes with a stamp of trust!

Research published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology entitled Medicinal Smokes testifies to that.

“Smudging is an ancient and sacred ceremony, so it is best to perform it with full awareness and in a slow, mindful manner.

Even the happiest homes accumulate negative vibrations over time, so Fengshui practitioners find it helpful to smudge the home at least several times a year.

Some people smudge as much as once a week. You can smudge your office space periodically (though preferably not during busy office hours), and you can also use smudging to clear your own bodily energy or the energy of other people.” (RodikaTchi)

Why You Should Smudge Your House 1

What does smudging your house do?

It is common knowledge that the human body is filled with positive, and negative ions, that function together, for the body to survive.

But, when we are overworked, or over a period of time, our body accumulates positive ions that are damaged, and rendered redundant, our energy gets blocked, and the negative ions trump the positive ions.

This makes us sluggish and lethargic, and we wish for normalcy in our life.

Smudging your house helps you in this situation:

1. Cleansing Energy Of Your Space

The smoke emanating from the burning of sage and other herbs leads to the clearing of your damaged positive ions and dispelling of the negative ions and you finally get rid of the cobwebs in your head.

“The smoke that’s emitted from the herb bundle is believed to cleanse negative energy and purify living spaces, as well as people and even objects like tools, furniture, and home decor.

Similar to one washing their hands before a meal, it helps to cleanse a person in an energetic bath of aromatic smoke.” (Susan Patterson)

2. Bringing In Positivity

It is believed that positive ions can build up tension, strife, and destruction wherever they settle, so it isn’t really the positivity you are thinking of.

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The positive ions stick to the negative aspects of life, and the entire atmosphere, becomes congested to the extent, that living becomes tough.

At this point, burning of sage, herb, or any such substance, can lead to the negative ions releasing into the atmosphere, which stick to the positive ions, leading it to get heavy, and fall to the ground, hence dispelling the gloom, and doom surrounding the household.

“They fall to the floor, or attach to a nearby surface, removing them from the air you breathe while preventing them from causing health problems like respiratory issues.” (Susan Patterson)

3. Purifying The Clutter

Susan Patterson also remembers to note that with the presence of our electronic gadgets, including computers, TVs, washing machines, and the like, as well as carpet and upholstery, our household has become what some describe as “positive ion prisons.”

That’s why negative ions that occur from smudging can be so beneficial in counteracting these effects.

Smudging your home, office, or even your body is kind of like taking an energetic shower, or perhaps even spending a day in the mountains, spending time breathing in the fresh air and scent of pine, which offers a direct positive effect on reducing stress levels.” (Patterson)

How to smudge your home?

But before you start burning sage and smudging to cleanse, you need to know a lot about how and where smudging comes from.

It isn’t something that comes easily to people who aren’t native to a particular culture, and it is easy to hurt some cultures, by our own ignorance.

This is why Native American practitioners like Cat Criger, consider it important to be respectful and learn how to handle the herbs according to traditional protocols.

“To understand the protocol means you have to learn something about aboriginal people. So in a sense the medicines are working in a kind way, saying ‘learn about me and we can respect each other and we can walk together,’ ” Criger advises.

“Native American medicines must be treated with reverence, so once you’ve acquired the herbs, clear out a bookshelf or an honored place in your home that is above waist height to store them. You may want to find birch baskets to keep them in.”

Smudging your house to dispel negative forces is a useful task
Smudge with sage and other herbs

Burning sage to cleanse your home

When smudging your house, it is essential to find bundles of white sage, for they are found in most medicinal stores, and also present online. But, what is truly important, is knowing why you are doing this, and what purpose it serves you.

  • Focus on the negativity that you want to dispel from your life, and after lighting the flame, make sure to blow it in the direction you want the flame to cleanse the energy until there are only embers left.
  • Don’t worry about extinguishing the flame, for this would only remove the energy.
  • Also, you might need to relight it, which isn’t a big bother.
  • After that’s done, slowly start passing the sage all over your body, starting at the feet. This shouldn’t be uncomfortable, for they give out a very pleasant smell.
  • Next, keep it with you, as you walk to different parts of the house, which you want to cleanse.
  • This process needs to be done slowly, and you might need to burn the sage a few times.

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Try smudging your house at the changing of a season, and don’t forget to open a window while you are at it.

If you want to know more about smudging your house, then check out this video below:

Smudging your house
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Frequently Asked Questions

What religion uses sage?

Sage is widely used all over the world for smudging, but it has its roots in Native American culture.

Can you smudge at night?

Yes, you can smudge anytime, day or night.

What are the four elements of smudging?

The four elements are fire (which is used to burn the herb), the earth is the herb itself, smoke that comes out, or a feather that is used to fan the smoke, and water in a vessel.

Smudging your house to dispel negative forces is a useful task
Benefits of smudging your house are many
Smudging your house to dispel negative forces is a useful task
Try smudging your house to clear the energy
Smudging your house to dispel negative forces is a useful task
Burning sage in your home: Why you should be Smudging your House backed by science
Wonderful Benefits of Smudging House pin
Wonderful Benefits Smudging House pin

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