Why You Should Try Smudging Your House Backed By Science

Why Try Smudging Your House Backed Science

Smudging is an activity, that has roots in indigenous culture, and although considered dubious, has found shelter under science. Science has brought forth evidence, that proves that it is actually a useful exercise to protect one’s household, from disaster.

It is performed by burning raisins, and other medicinal herbs, that, for a period of 24 hours, have said to destroy all negativity, and harmful bacteria (both spiritual, and scientific) as a domestic antiseptic, in the household that it is performed at. It isn’t an exercise in futility, and that comes with a stamp of trust.

Research published in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology entitled Medicinal Smokes testifies to that. The authors reported: “The most frequent medical indications for medicinal smoke are pulmonary (23.5%), neurological (21.8%) and dermatological (8.1%). A very large list of pathogenic bacteria was shown to be absent in an open room after a remarkable 30 days following treatment.” This lead to the authors to conclude that: “We have demonstrated that by using medicinal smoke it is possible to completely eliminate diverse plant and human pathogenic bacteria of the air within confined space.”

Why You Should Try Smudging Your House Backed By Science
Why You Should Try Smudging Your House Backed By Science

“Smudging is an ancient and sacred ceremony, so it is best to perform it with full awareness and in a slow, mindful manner. Even the happiest homes accumulate negative vibrations over time, so Fengshui practitioners find it helpful to smudge the home at least several times a year. Some people smudge as much as once a week. You can smudge your office space periodically (though preferably not during busy office hours), and you can also use smudging to clear your own bodily energy or the energy of other people.” (RodikaTchi)

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Why You Should Smudge Your House?

It is common knowledge that the human body is filled with positive, and negative ions, that function together, for the body to survive. But, when we are overworked, or over a period of time, our body accumulates positive ions that are damaged, and rendered redundant, our energy gets blocked, and the negative ions trump the positive ions. This makes us sluggish, lethargic, and we wish for normalcy in our life.

Smudging our house helps us in this situation, for the smoke emanating from the burning of herbs, lead to the clearing of our damaged positive ions, and dispelling the negative ions and we are finally rid of the cobwebs in our head.

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