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The 7 Types of ‘Quiet’ Verbal Abuse That Are Hard To Notice

types quiet verbal abuse hard to notice

7. Passive-Aggressive Behavior.

Passive-aggressive behavior is when someone indirectly expresses their anger and contempt towards you but refuses to talk about it openly. For people who behave like this, there’s a sense of detachment between how they feel and how they express themselves.

For example, if you have an argument with your spouse, on the surface they may pretend that they are fine, but they will show their anger in subtle ways, such as procrastination, backhanded compliments, sulking, or refusing to communicate.

Passive-aggressive behavior often involves:

  • Tendency to blame others for their problems.
  • Throwing vague and veiled criticisms your way.
  • Annoyance, bitterness and resentment when someone approaches them for any help.
  • Stubborn, misanthropic attitude.
  • Frequently complaining about how they are always underappreciated, disrespected, and misunderstood.
  • Depending on others to make them happy all the time.
  • Expecting you to magically understand what they are feeling and thinking, and if you don’t, you’re ‘inconsiderate’.
  • Deliberately making mistakes, botching up stuff, and giving a bad performance, in case they are made to do something they didn’t want to do.

When someone is behaving passive-aggressively with you, they are telling you, in a way, that you don’t deserve to know what they are thinking or feeling. Showing passive-aggressive behavior is just another way of tormenting you and teaching you a lesson for not doing what they wanted you to do.

Want to know more about subtle signs of verbal and emotional abuse? Check this video out below!

If any of these patterns or even some of these patterns seem like a part of your relationship, then don’t brush it under the carpet thinking it’s nothing. Abuse is abuse, and even though it might not always be prominent, or in-your-face, know that it’s never okay to try and make your peace with it. If you are going through any of this, then call it out immediately and put a stop to it. Abuse is never okay.

types quiet verbal abuse hard to notice pinop
The 7 Types of 'Quiet' Verbal Abuse That Are Hard To Notice
types quiet verbal abuse hard to notice pin
The 7 Types of 'Quiet' Verbal Abuse That Are Hard To Notice
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