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Is This A Circle? Your Answer Holds The Key To Your Mindset

Circle Answer Holds Key To Mindset

Is This A Circle?

Whether or not, you believe that this is a circle can say a lot about how you are as a person, and what kind of personality you really have.

How you see life, and what kind of outlook you have towards it, can sometimes depend on whether you believe this is a circle or not. For example, your answer to the question of ‘Is this a circle?’ can suggest what your political inclination is, like whether you are a conservative or a liberal.

Is This A Circle? Your Answer Holds The Key To Your Mindset

People who answer “yes” are more likely to be liberals, and are more open-minded and sympathetic towards the marginalized groups and minorities in the society, as shown in a study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology suggests.

On the other hand, people who believe that this is not a circle, tend to be more conservative in their views.

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Is This A Circle? Your Answer Holds The Key To Your Mindset

The author of Psy-Q, a famous book that can help you test your psychological intelligence, said people who said “yes” would want to work towards helping the people and provide aid to them.

On the other hand, the people who voted “no” would more likely believe in having a strong military, and would take steps to ensure that strict action is taken against crimes such as illegal drug abuse, and prostitution. They wouldn’t in any way tolerate these things.

Ben Ambridge believes that in such cases, this was “broadly speaking” the results of the study published in the journal.

In three studies, participants were shown several geometric shapes and were asked to identify the extent to which they were “squares, circles, or triangles”.

Participants who were more conservative in nature said that there were bigger differences between imperfect and perfect shapes. Whereas, the participants who were more liberal in nature, did not identify with this differentiation, showing that they are way more compassionate and sensitive towards deviance.

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“Moreover, shape differentiation partly accounted for the relationship between social policy, and political ideology, partially mediating the link between harsher punishment for wrongdoers and the conservative mindset conservatism, comparatively lesser financial support, and public aid for the marginalized, and disadvantaged people in the society.”

So you seem how a simple answer to a simple question of “Is this a circle?” can say so much about you, and your beliefs?

If you said: “Yeah, sure, close enough”

Then you probably have a politically liberal mindset, and passionately support the idea of the government providing aid for the unemployed, and homeless. You might also end up supporting same-sex marriage, and believe that homosexuality should never be treated as a crime, and believe that marijuana should be made legal for recreational use.

If you said: “No, of course not

Then you probably have a politically conservative mindset, and passionately support the idea that the rights of entrepreneurs and business owners should be protected, and the country should have a strong military force, more than anything else. You are most likely against immigration, and the idea of immigrants coming to the country makes you angry and uncomfortable. Illegal drug use and prostitution are also things that are strongly against.

So the next time you meet someone new but you don’t know how to approach the subject of their political stance, just show them a ‘circle”, and you will have your answer within seconds.

Circle Answer Holds Key To Mindset Pin
Is This A Circle? Your Answer Holds The Key To Your Mindset

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