The BLOB TREE Psycho-Emotional Test: What Kind of a Person You Are

blob TREE Psycho Emotional Test

Psychology is such an interesting subject, it can reveal unknown facts about your personality in an instant, through the method of images. Take the remarkable Blob Tree Test, developed by the famous British behavioral psychologist, Pip Wilson, for example. The test is highly effective in determining facts about your personality, and also helps understand how you perceive the world.

Although the blob tree test is used in many schools to determine the mental health of children, it has proven to be relevant in the case of adult personalities also.

The blob tree test is inspired by the theories Wilson put forth in his book, The Big Book of Blob Trees, where the author uses 50 different blob trees, characters, and scenarios to explore feelings, and understand hidden emotions that individuals or groups may experience personally.

The Test: 

Choose a blob figure and we will tell you what kind of a person you are:

The blob tree test depicts a tree where several illustrated figures are shown in different moods and positions. As you can see in the picture above, there are figures with various facial expressions sitting on/trying to sit on/climbing/lying around the tree. Each of these figures describes a certain mood and a certain activity.

First of all, take a good look at the tree and its denizens; then choose two figures. Not randomly. You have to carefully choose two blob figures:

  1. The figure whose mood/activity you think resembles you the most.
  2. The figure you would want to resemble, i.e, be like in the future.

Your choices will reveal facts about your psycho-emotional state and personality.

The Results Of The Blob Tree Test:

If you chose Figure 1

You are a driven person

You are a driven person, ready to overcome obstacles to achieve your goals.

If you are persistent, your efforts will surely end in success. Although sometimes you are overwhelmed by the challenges in your path, remember that there are people in your life who are willing to lend a helping hand.

If you chose Figure 2

You’re an amiable person

You’re an amiable person, enjoying healthy social and personal relationships.

This gives you a sense of fulfillment in life. You prioritize your loved ones. You’re always ready to offer your guidance when needed, and your family is your biggest support system. In your social circle, you are valued as a good-natured, reliable friend.

If you chose Figure 3

Youre a resolute person

You’re a resolute person, eager to learn and succeed in life.

You’re determined to push through adversities. Luckily, you’re blessed with helpful friends who encourage you to fulfill your dreams. As you reach new heights of success, don’t forget the ones who helped you climb the ladder of success.

If you chose Figure 4

You are a jolly and good natured person

You are a jolly and good-natured person, who aims for a stable life and career.

While you dream of great achievements, you aren’t willing to go through the tedious, boring road that leads to success. To realize your dreams you need to ascend the tree, without fear of falling.

If you chose Figure 5

You are lacking in life force

You are lacking in “life force”, which makes you feel exhausted and unenthusiastic all the time.

You lack energy for most activities.  To regain your strength and motivation, you might want to engage in hobbies that you loved in the past, or maybe learn a new skill. Remember, this is just a bad phase that you can overcome through consistent efforts.

If you chose Figure 6

Youre a goal oriented and ambitious

You’re a goal-oriented and ambitious individual, and handwork is the key to your happiness.

If you’ve set your eyes on something, nothing can deter you from achieving it. You’re self-disciplined, steadfast, and always give your best effort.

If you chose Figure 7

Youre a focused person

You’re a focused person, displaying a strong sense of duty, and enjoy meaningful work.

When the going gets tough, take a breather and spend time with friends doing activities that bring you joy. This will help you strive towards your goals with renewed passion.

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If you chose Figure 8

You are a person immersed in your own world

You are a person immersed in your own world, always introspecting and looking for deeper meanings.

While introspection is the best way to improve self-awareness, brooding too much over your affairs prevents healthy interactions with your environment. You should try to find out what drives you, and then move on in life.

If you chose Figure 9

You have a cheerful sunny disposition

You have a cheerful, sunny disposition, and appreciate the little joys in life.

You’re a fun-loving soul, who wishes to experience an epicurean lifestyle. However, don’t be afraid of changes, accept them as new challenges to broaden your worldview.

If you chose Figure 10

Youre an adaptable person

You’re an adaptable person who enjoys a comfortable position in your social and professional life.

You value stability, and your priorities in life are well-balanced. You just want to lead a happy life, and see new challenges as an opportunity to improve your situation further.

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