Is it Greedy to Consciously Manifest Money or Material Things?


Is It Wrong To Consciously Manifest Money Or Material Things

When it comes to manifesting the things you want, is it wrong to manifest money? Or other material things that you have been wanting for a long time? How does the art of manifestation work? Let’s explore that together.

“Ever notice how manifestation teachings are most often about consuming more? Why would humans imagine that God supports greed? So much false light. So much communicated from distortion.”

I have noticed a disturbing trend in people who lack understanding of the Law of Attraction, making judgmental and uninformed statements like the one above. These statements attempt to shame and criticize others passively but usually stem from wounding within the individual.

Thinking like this is the result of hundreds of years of passed-down conditioned beliefs that says it’s wrong to want and that to do so is greedy or selfish. These are deep-seated collective limiting beliefs that are still circulated and perpetuated by comments just like this one, and it’s time we start thinking more expansively.

I decided this is an excellent opportunity to clear some of this up and hopefully bring in a new perspective and understanding to offset the undercurrent of dark energy in the collective. The first thing to understand is that conscious manifesting is not about greed.

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Is It Wrong To Manifest Money And Other Material Things?

While some are probably initially drawn to the Law of Attraction because of the promise of wealth, love, fame, and material possessions, it shortly becomes evident that it takes soul work to become a vibrational match for those desires. At that point, the individual either becomes disinterested or chooses to do the work.

You will notice I use the word conscious manifesting instead of just manifesting. You see, we are constantly attracting what we are a vibrational match for, even if we aren’t aware.

Once we gain awareness of our vibrational frequency, we can then learn to adjust it to become a match for what we desire, and that is when we become conscious manifestors.

Here is the truth bomb coming in hot. It’s not about the getting; it’s all about the creating. It’s not wrong to desire things like money, cars, a lovely house, or a dream partner. These are the things we use to create our lives with.

The Universe wants us to live joyously, feel good, and love our physical expression for the short time we are earthside. You were birthed from creation both physically and spiritually. All that happens here in this physical world is nothing more than a scaled-down version of what is happening at a soul and Universal level.

When we create, whether it’s art, a new life, or our own dream life, we are connected to the Source energy that lives within all that is. So, in other words, all creation is sacred and brings us closer to embodying Divinity.

If your soul desires it, it’s because it’s meant to be yours, period end of story! It’s time to shed the shame centred around things like wanting money.

Is it wrong to manifest money?
Is It Greedy To Consciously Manifest Money Or Material Things?

Money opens the door for opportunity. Money allows us to have experiences that activate joy, and when used from a place of love, money will enable us to be good stewards of our work, which benefits the collective.

The problem with money currently is that most of it is owned by a small percentage of people who aren’t working from the light, so we actually need people with good intentions and a pure heart attracting money into their lives. It’s the only way we create the paradigm shift around wealth.

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Money is just energy; it’s not good or bad. But, it can be used for both good and bad depending on who has it. This idea that people on a spiritual path should renounce the concept of wealth is, quite honestly, garbage.

Another misconception that must be addressed is the one that says Law of Attraction teachings discriminate against those born into poverty or into other challenging and or traumatic situations.

The Law of Attraction isn’t a religion; it’s just a Universal law that says energy attracts like energy. When we start getting into the soul journey and our purpose, there is much more at play than just this one Universal law.

We have each come here intending to learn certain things, experience specific traumas, and transmute our suffering, all in the name of soul expansion, which ultimately aids in the evolution of the Universe.

In other words, some experiences are destined by our own choosing before we came into physical form. This means that no matter how “high vibe” we are, sometimes shitty things will happen that shake our foundation and call us deep into healing, leading us to growth.

Manifest money
Is It Greedy To Consciously Manifest Money Or Material Things?

If life were perfect 100% of the time, what would be the point? We need contrast in our experience for learning. A healthy mindset helps us navigate our difficulties with grace and acceptance, allowing us to come out the other side with a pearl of newfound wisdom.

The most important message I want to share with you today is that you are worthy of all that you desire, don’t allow the mainstream chatter to convince you that it’s wrong or ungodly to have material desires. You have the power to create any life of your choosing, but first, you have to believe that you are worthy of receiving.

I know these concepts can be tricky to understand primarily because we often have to battle the conditioned thinking and limiting beliefs we have carried with us for so long.

As a certified Law of Attraction practitioner and mindset coach, I am here to help guide you through the confusion. If you are ready to take a bold step towards a more fulfilling life, please reach out, and let’s discuss how I can best support you in your goals. (Click here to schedule your free discovery call with me today!!)

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I hope that this blog post has shed some light on manifesting and the law of attraction or at the very least, that it has given you a new perspective to experiment with. As always, I am sending so much love to each and every one of you today.

“If you would like some support, Kelly Bramblett offers 1:1 trauma support and shadow work coaching. Set up your free discovery call with her here to learn more.

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Is It Greedy To Consciously Manifest Money Or Material Things?

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