Inside The Mind Of An Unloved Child

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How Being Unloved As A Child Affects Your Behaviour in Adulthood

Here are some observations you might want to look out for in case you are an adult who was unloved. They are as follows:

  1. Feeling unsatisfied in relationships
  2. Feeling insecure and always questioning your partner’s love
  3. Your partner can never do enough to please you
  4. Feeling left out or excluded often
  5. Being alone or feeling safer in solitude
  6. Feeling vulnerable to share your feelings
  7. Hard time showing or expressing feelings of love
  8. Feeling like something is missing all the time.
  9. You tend to be in toxic relationships

Feeling unloved can be a difficult emotion to deal with and hence it is important to develop good parenting techniques to ensure that your child’s mental health is not affected. Not being loved can make them feel unfulfilled. So how a child turns out ultimately depends on the parents and what values they teach. Make it a priority to compliment your child for their achievements and to display love and affection towards them every day. It is important to not display irritability or negative moods since this may hinder your child’s development. 

As a parent, shaping a child’s future is completely in your hands. How you manage your emotions and how you display them determines what they will learn from you.

As for adults who feel unloved, sometimes it is important to make a choice. So the choice to learn how to love yourself and be loved. It may require time and patience but you can choose to heal your wounds with a little effort and help. The help may come from talking to friends or seeking professional help. But it is important to make peace with your inner demons and move forward with love.

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