Husband Ruined My Self-esteem: How He’s Eroding Your Self-image (10 Things You Should Do To Reclaim Your Power)


Husband Ruined My Self-esteem: Powerful Things You Can Do

My husband ruined my self-esteem. So many of us women start doubting ourselves or forgetting how valuable we are, because of the treatment we receive from our supposedly “better half”.

Self-esteem is the foundation upon which many aspects of our lives are built. It influences how we view ourselves, our abilities, and our place in the world. 

Relationships, especially intimate ones, have a profound impact on this delicate structure. When a spouse, specifically a husband in this context, behaves negatively, it can erode a woman’s self-worth. 

If you think, Husband destroyed my self-esteem”, stay tuned and delve into understanding self-esteem, its importance, the signs it’s been destroyed, and how to rebuild it.

What is Self-Esteem?

If you’re thinking “My husband destroyed my self-esteem”, first understand what is self-esteem. Self-esteem reflects our feelings towards ourselves, encompassing our confidence and sense of self-worth.

High self-esteem signifies being at ease with who you are, recognizing and cherishing your abilities, and exuding confidence.

Conversely, low self-esteem is associated with feelings of low value, feelings of insufficiency, and doubting one’s contributions, be it in personal, work, or romantic scenarios.

husband ruined my self-esteem
Husband Ruined My Self-Esteem: How He’s Eroding Your Self-Image (10 Things You Should Do To Reclaim Your Power)

Has Your Self-Esteem Taken A Hit?

So, you’re thinking “My husband has destroyed my self-esteem”. If your self-esteem has taken a hit, you might begin to doubt your looks or question your contributions at work.

You may wonder if your friends truly appreciate you or ponder over the worth you bring to your relationship.

  • Self-Doubt: You constantly question your decisions and abilities.
  • Avoidance: You avoid social situations or any instances that require you to express your opinions or make decisions.
  • Feeling Worthless: You feel you don’t deserve love, respect, or kindness.
  • Over Sensitivity: Taking harmless comments or constructive criticism personally.

There are many ways a husband can ruin his wife’s self-esteem in the marriage….

How My Husband Killed My Self-Esteem

“Husband destroyed my self-esteem”.

While your husband can hurt you unintentionally and by not realizing what makes you uncomfortable, if he repeatedly behaves in the below-given ways, then he is purposefully trying to kill your self-esteem.

  • Constant Criticism: Persistent negative comments about your appearance, behavior, or abilities can erode your self-worth over time.
  • Comparison: Comparing you unfavorably to other women, whether they’re friends, celebrities, or even fictional characters, can be damaging.
  • Dismissiveness: Ignoring or trivializing your feelings, thoughts, and needs.
  • Control: Attempting to control your decisions, behavior, or aspirations.
  • Isolation: Making you cut ties or reduce contact with friends and family.
  • Infidelity: This can lead to feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness.
  • Embarrassment: Putting you down in front of others

If you are thinking “My husband killed my self-esteem”, keep reading to learn about 10 actionable strategies to rebuild your self-worth and be happy again!

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husband ruined my self-esteem
Husband Ruined My Self-Esteem: How He’s Eroding Your Self-Image (10 Things You Should Do To Reclaim Your Power)

My Husband Ruined My Self-Esteem, How To Rebuild My Self-Worth?

If you’re thinking “My husband destroyed my self-esteem and what I should do now…”, here are the ten powerful steps for rebuilding your self-worth:

1. Recognizing the Signs:

Before addressing solutions, it’s vital to identify the signs of diminishing self-esteem. Understanding the nuances of how one’s self-esteem can be adversely affected within a relationship is crucial for the healing process.

If a spouse consistently exhibits certain behaviors, they can profoundly impact their partner’s perception of self-worth. Here’s a more in-depth look at the signs:

i. Consistent Criticism or Belittling Comments:

  • Subtle digs: They may disguise their criticisms as jokes or casual remarks. For instance, “You’re always so forgetful, aren’t you?” or “I never expect you to be on time anyway.”
  • Direct criticisms: More direct comments about appearance, intelligence, or abilities. E.g., “You’ve put on weight” or “Why can’t you do anything right?”
husband ruined my self-esteem
Husband Ruined My Self-Esteem: How He’s Eroding Your Self-Image (10 Things You Should Do To Reclaim Your Power)

“What’s Love Got to Do with It” (1993)

This biographical film about Tina Turner showcases her tumultuous relationship with Ike Turner, who constantly belittled and abused her.

ii. Controlling Behaviors:

  • Restricting movement: Dictating where you can go, whom you can see, and even what you should wear.
  • Financial control: Holding authority over financial resources or not allowing you to have financial independence.
  • Information control: Limiting your access to outside information, which can range from discouraging you from watching specific shows to even monitoring your online activity.

iii. Dismissing Your Feelings or Thoughts:

  • Invalidation: Discrediting your emotions by saying things like “You’re too sensitive” or “You’re overreacting.”
  • Gaslighting: Making you question your perceptions or memories. They might say, “That never happened” or “You’re remembering it wrong.”
husband ruined my self-esteem
Husband Ruined My Self-Esteem: How He’s Eroding Your Self-Image (10 Things You Should Do To Reclaim Your Power)

“Gaslight” (1944)

This is a classic film from which the term “gaslighting” originated. In the story, a husband (played by Charles Boyer) tries to convince his wife (Ingrid Bergman) that she’s going insane. This psychological manipulation is a profound form of undermining self-esteem.

iv. Comparing You Unfavorably to Others:

  • Romantic comparisons: “My ex never had problems like you do.”
  • General comparisons: “Why can’t you be more like [another person]?”

v. Emotional or Physical Intimidation:

  • Physical abuse and violence
  • Using anger or threats to make you feel small or afraid.
  • Intimidating body language, even if they don’t touch you.
husband ruined my self-esteem
Husband Ruined My Self-Esteem: How He’s Eroding Your Self-Image (10 Things You Should Do To Reclaim Your Power)

Enough” (2002)

Jennifer Lopez stars as a woman who escapes an abusive relationship where her husband continually diminishes her self-worth. The film focuses on her journey to empower herself and protect her child.

vi. Isolation:

  • Encouraging or insisting that you cut ties with family or friends.
  • Making you feel guilty for spending time with others.

vii. Perpetual Blame:

  • Making you feel responsible for all the problems in the relationship.
  • Refusing to acknowledge their own faults and instead turning every argument or issue back onto you.

viii. Making Decisions Without Your Input:

  • Taking unilateral actions without considering or consulting you, thereby making you feel irrelevant.

If you can relate to these signs and think “My husband has destroyed my self-esteem”, follow the given tips.

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2. Open a Line of Communication:

Sometimes, the offending spouse may not be aware of the impact of their words or actions. Initiate a conversation about how you feel. Use “I” statements to avoid sounding confrontational.

3. Seek Therapy or Counseling:

Couples or individual therapy can provide tools and perspectives to address the root causes of such behaviors and their impact on your self-esteem.

4. Reconnect with Your Identity:

Marriage shouldn’t mean losing one’s individuality. Rediscover hobbies, passions, and activities that made you feel confident and alive before or outside the relationship.

5. Surround Yourself with Positivity:

Build a support system comprising friends, family, or support groups that uplift you and remind you of your worth.

6. Set Boundaries:

Clearly define what behaviors are unacceptable. It’s essential to protect your emotional and mental well-being.

7. Invest in Personal Development:

Join a class, attend workshops, or read books that help grow your skills or knowledge in areas of interest. This not only distracts from negative influences but also boosts confidence.

8. Avoid Isolation:

When self-esteem is low, there might be a tendency to withdraw from social interactions. Fight this urge. Engage in community activities, volunteer, or simply spend time with loved ones.

9. Practice Self-Care and Self-Love:

Treat yourself kindly. Engage in activities that relax and rejuvenate you, whether it’s spa days, meditation, or journaling. Reiterate positive affirmations to yourself daily.

10. Know When to Walk Away:

If all efforts fail and your spouse continues to harm your self-esteem, it might be time to evaluate the relationship’s viability. Remember, preserving your mental and emotional health should be a priority.

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husband ruined my self-esteem
Husband Ruined My Self-Esteem: How He’s Eroding Your Self-Image (10 Things You Should Do To Reclaim Your Power)

If You Don’t Respect Yourself, Who Will?

In conclusion, while external factors, including a spouse, can impact one’s self-esteem, reclaiming and rebuilding it is an internal journey. Remember that you deserve respect, love, and kindness, both from others and, most importantly, from yourself! Love yourself hard!

So, unfortunately, if you’re one of those who think “My husband ruined my self-esteem”, we sincerely hope you will find this article insightful and helpful. Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of abuse causes low self-esteem?

Emotional and mental abuse like insults, manipulation, etc. can degrade a victim’s self-esteem, just as physical or sexual abuse.

Can your partner lower your self-esteem?

Yes, although our self-worth should not depend on our partners, or for that matter, on any person, relationships do have a deep impact on how we feel about ourselves.

Does narcissistic abuse cause low self-esteem?

Narcissistic abuse can cause lasting mental and emotional health challenges, such as low self-esteem, anxiety, depression, trust issues, trauma, self-doubt, and grief.

husband ruined my self-esteem
Husband Ruined My Self-Esteem: How He’s Eroding Your Self-Image (10 Things You Should Do To Reclaim Your Power)

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