14 Signs A Man Has Anger Issues: Recognizing The Subtle And Not-so-subtle Red Flags and What to Do About Them


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Signs A Man Has Anger Issues: Watch Out For The14 Red Flags

Are you with a partner who is very hard to please or who makes you walk on eggshells? Watch out for the signs a man has anger issues before you take any call! 

Anger is a natural emotion that everyone experiences from time to time. It has its purpose, just like all other feelings and emotions.

As the rule of the survival of the fittest governs our evolutionary history, we can say that nature wired anger within us so that it can help us deal with unfavorable situations and scare off our predators or opponents.

However, like any other emotion, if it gets unbalanced or unregulated, we end up being controlled by it, instead of the other way around. And anger issues can be a serious problem, not only for the person experiencing them but also, for the people around them.

Especially, for some men, their anger issues can become a serious threat to the physical, emotional, and mental health of the women in their lives, as women are more vulnerable to violence and abuse than men.

Do you suspect your guy has anger problems? Before you rush into any decision, we suggest you go through our article as we discuss the blaring, as well as subtle signs a man has anger issues and what to do about them!

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Dating A Man With Anger Issues

When you and your partner have been together for a long time, it is perfectly natural that once in a while, both of you will blow off steam at each other.

However, although, it is normal for both partners to feel angry sometimes in the course of the relationship, if you find your man reacting too aggressively for trivial matters, or flipping out a little too often, these can be signs he has anger issues.

Dating a man with anger issues can be extremely stressful, draining, frustrating, and difficult, not to mention scary.

You might feel nothing you do is right or no matter how badly you try to make him happy, something or the other triggers him off.

Maybe it’s not you that he is angry at, but, if he lashes out at a poor waiter at a restaurant, for spilling drinks on his shirt, who can say you won’t be on the receiving end of your wrath some days down the road?

So, you see it becomes crucial to detect these early signs of temper trouble. Also, if you feel your guy is a good enough person, but somehow life has made him a bit hard on the outside, it’s not a bad idea to learn about these signs a man has anger issues.

This way, you will be able to understand him better and take the necessary measures to help him manage his anger, heal your bond, and salvage any harm that has been already done.

The signs a man has anger issues can be indicators of inner lying trauma
14 Signs A Man Has Anger Issues: Recognizing The Subtle And Not-So-Subtle Red Flags And What To Do About Them

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14 Signs A Man Has Anger Issues

These are a few instances in which anger issues in men can get manifested:

The signs a man has anger issues can manifest through physical symptoms
14 Signs A Man Has Anger Issues: Recognizing The Subtle And Not-So-Subtle Red Flags And What To Do About Them

1. Little Things Make Him Fly Off The Handle

Men with anger issues often have frequent outbursts of anger, which can be triggered by seemingly small things. 

They may become visibly irritated or annoyed over the littlest things like an email snag or a slow internet connection. They are ill-equipped to deal with the challenges of everyday life.

2. Cruel or Selfish Behavior

If he gets upset over your little or genuine mistakes and can’t seem to let go, this can be one of the early signs a man has anger issues.

He may lash at you and not take into consideration where you are or who else is present during the conversation. He might belittle you in front of others and show an abject lack of patience while dealing with minor inconveniences or errors.

3. He Never Apologizes

If he launches scathing criticism at your every weakness but takes no accountability for his mistakes, and hurtful actions or behavior, it means that not only your guy has serious anger issues, but he is an egotistical person who is full of himself!

If he asks you to leave when you get upset with him and doesn’t try to even sort out the issues or acknowledge any wrongdoing on his part, he is incapable of feeling guilt or remorse and has no consideration for your feelings.

These are not-so-subtle signs a man has anger issues. He might have narcissistic tendencies or at the very least, he’s a very toxic partner.

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4. Impulsive Behavior

Men with anger issues may act impulsively, without considering the consequences of their actions. This can lead to poor life choices and decisions.

They may be reckless with their financial matters and might even resort to gambling or other addiction

5. Poor Coping Mechanisms:

As mentioned earlier, men with anger issues often struggle to face the challenges that life brings along with it.

When things go wrong, like being turned down for a promotion or not getting a project, they turn to destructive behaviors like excessive drinking, drug use, or engaging in violent or dangerous activities.

This can make the problem worse, as substance abuse can lead to even more anger and aggression.

Instead of trying to figure out what went wrong, take ownership, or just cut their losses, they try to deflect from their stressors. 

6. Blaming Others

If your man has anger issues, you would often find him complaining; about the government, foreigners, their coworkers, the neighbor, and even the kids playing in the streets.

Everyone somehow is responsible for their misfortune and misery, but them. Men with anger issues may have a tendency to blame others, rather than take responsibility for their failures. These red flags are clear signs a man has anger issues and shouldn’t be ignored.

7. Relationship Problems

One sure-fire sign to know whether your man has legit anger issues or not is by looking at his other relationships.

Does he have a close group of friends or do his parents speak fondly of him? What do his ex-girlfriends have to say about him?

If he has no friends or if he keeps losing people, then it speaks volumes about his temperament. Chances are all the people in their life have distanced themselves due to fallout or a disagreement owing to his temper.

8. Passive-Aggressive Behavior

Men with anger issues may exhibit passive-aggressive behavior, such as sarcasm, backhanded compliments, or intentionally procrastinating or ignoring responsibilities.

Don’t dismiss these toxic traits, they can snowball into ugly fights and bitter arguments in no time and these patterns are prominent signs a man has anger issues.

9. Difficulty Forgiving

Men with anger issues may have difficulty forgiving others and holding grudges for long periods of time. This can lead to resentment and anger that builds over time.

If he keeps bringing up a mistake of yours that happened a long time ago, it means he has not forgiven you.

This is an indication that although he may seem to be fine with you, beneath the surface, he is storing up a lot of resentment that can come out like lava anytime. 

10. Controlling Behavior

Men with anger issues may exhibit controlling behavior, such as insisting on having their way, making decisions for others, or manipulating situations to their advantage. This can stem from a sense of insecurity and a need to feel in control.

If they lose their temper when you do something against their will, even if it’s about your personal choices, this is one of the signs a man has anger issues.

11. Difficulty Expressing Emotions

Men with anger issues may have difficulty expressing their emotions, especially those related to sadness or vulnerability. Instead, they may use anger as a default emotion to protect themselves from feeling exposed or vulnerable.

If you find your man stonewalling or camouflaging their genuine feelings of hurt, with humor, sarcasm, or banter, it can be a subtle sign of a more serious issue.

12. Easily Triggered

Men with anger issues may have a short fuse and be easily provoked by others. They may interpret neutral or innocent comments or actions as personal attacks, leading to outbursts of anger.

You might feel you cannot express yourself around him and have to check yourself and reassess your words every time before you open your mouth.

13. Communication Problems

Anger issues in men often show up as communication problems. In addition to his inability to open up about his difficult emotions, he will also have a hard time listening to your side of the story and empathizing with you.

As a result, every conversation turns into an argument and every argument into a conflict. It might seem impossible for you two to sit down and openly talk about your relationship without an ugly showdown.

14. Violent Behavior

One of the most visible signs he has anger issues would be a violent streak in his behavior. If your man has serious anger-related issues, he might:

  • Yell at you or others
  • Hit you or try to hit you
  • Be verbally abusive toward you or others
  • Often get into fights with friends, coworkers, or neighbors
  • Inflict self-harm
  • Threaten to harm or kill himself

In only extreme cases, men with anger issues may exhibit violent behavior, including physical aggression, destruction of property, or even criminal behavior.

It’s important to seek immediate help if you or someone you know is a victim of such aggressive behavior.

The signs a man has anger issues are red flags
14 Signs A Man Has Anger Issues: Recognizing The Subtle And Not-So-Subtle Red Flags And What To Do About Them

What To Do If Your Boyfriend or Husband Has Anger Issues

It’s important to note that not all men who exhibit these signs have a clinical diagnosis of anger issues.

However, if these signs are affecting your quality of life, it may be helpful to seek support from a mental health professional or anger management specialist.

With the right help and support, it’s possible to learn new coping skills and manage anger in a healthy and constructive way.

If you believe your man is struggling with anger or self-expression issues due to his troubled childhood or any other life stressors, and if you two cannot sort your issues through honest and open communication, it will be a good idea to work with a professional.

The signs a man has anger issues can help an individual take actions beforehand
14 Signs A Man Has Anger Issues: Recognizing The Subtle And Not-So-Subtle Red Flags And What To Do About Them

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However, if you feel your person doesn’t care enough about you or your relationship, and your physical, mental, and emotional health is getting jeopardized due to his abusive behavior, you must ensure your safety first.

Remove yourself from the situation and call for help if you are at any kind of risk. Talk to a friend or a family member or join a support group. You might also consider getting legal help.

Now, that you know the signs a man has anger issues and how to resolve them, please let us know your thoughts by commenting down below, and also, share this blog with anyone who might find it helpful!

signs a man has anger issues
14 Signs A Man Has Anger Issues: Recognizing The Subtle And Not-So-Subtle Red Flags And What To Do About Them

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