How To Stop Living For The Weekends And Create The Life You Want

stop living for the weekends and create the life you want

When something energizes you, add more of it to your life. When something depletes you, figure out how to do less of that thing. As often as possible, follow the energy inside you. That is where passion lives.

If you still feel stuck, replace the word passion for curiosity. Follow the bread crumbs of intrigue and spend a little time exploring the topic. If it pulls you further, go down that path.

If not, see where else it takes you. The point is you need to tap back into the activities that ignite you. If you are not triggering yourself, everyone else will.

Master The Habit Of Showing Up

When the slot for this self-care time appears in your calendar, please show up to it. Beware of giving away your time because it feels like the wrong time or you are too busy. It is never going to feel like the right time.

Have a permission mindset to focus on your activity without guilt or distraction from what you ‘should be’ doing. Expect your inner critic to try and derail you, but you need to be one step ahead. 

‘Mental chatter is fake news’ — Srikumar Rao

Tell yourself — there is nowhere I need to be right now and give yourself permission to enjoy it and be fully present.

Carving out pockets of time each day for your inspired outlet is more than pursuing a hobby or scratching a creative itch; it is about creating time in your day that you can make space for yourself away from work. Let your mind wander and put your focus on a non-work-related task.

Ironically, this is where you do your best thinking about work and you will find that the creative ideas and solutions flow.

Work + Meaning = Fulfilment

Having a fully charged battery means that the work you do in between your creative outlet has to be rewarding too. You cannot expect to thrive if you are living for the moments in between your working hours.

Perhaps you have realized the work you are doing now isn’t giving you the fulfillment you are after.

Beth Kempton, the author of Wabi-Sabi, suggests you pose these questions to invite a different kind of career journey:

· What needs to be different by this time next year for me to thrive in my work?

· How would I like to describe myself a year from now?

· How would I like to describe my home a year from now?

· How would I like to describe my work-life a year from now?

· How would I like to describe my finances a year from now?

· What would I like to have created a year from now?

· How would I like to describe my headspace a year from now?

The next step in your planning is to decide on a tiny change you can make today to start shifting from where you are to where you want to be in a year from now.

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The Reward Is In Anticipation.

Once you have decided on your activity, schedule it into your calendar as a recurring weekly event. Maybe you need to make the subject line ‘Strategy session or meeting with EXCO’ so it doesn’t get booked up by anyone who has access to your online calendar.

Daily would be ideal but if this feels overwhelming, let’s start with weekly. Once you get over the guilt and anxiety of not working for that time, you will begin to enjoy it. Even better, you will begin to look forward to it. Just knowing you get to spend time on something you love during your workweek will energize you.

Remember when you had your last leave time booked. It was as if nothing could get you down because you knew the recovery was on the way. It’s the same with having your refuel time. It is a dose of added resilience to get through anything life presents to you. The only person who stands between you and making progress on what matters is yourself.

Don’t let guilt override your recovery time. Reframe this time as critical to your success. If you neglect this time for yourself, think how different your life will be once you permit yourself to have this regular recharge.

Think about what you could achieve when your energy is optimal. It’s so possible, and it begins with fifteen minutes a day.

Written by:Lori Milner

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How To Stop Living For The Weekends And Create The Life You Want
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