How to Repair and Rebuild Your Relationship When Your Loved One Enters Rehab

Repair and Rebuild Your Relationship

Reach out to organizations like Al-Anon, Alateen, and Co-Dependents Anonymous for support. These groups have meetings where you can learn how to address addiction-related issues from others who have been through the same situation. They also provide a program to teach you how to reclaim your emotional well-being, protect your family, and support your loved one’s efforts to stay sober.

There is no “right” way to talk about recovery outside the family. One guiding principle in the recovery community is that “we are only as sick as our secrets.” Healing begins when family members are able to speak openly and honestly with each other.

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Similarly, finding appropriate ways to speak with others about the recovery process promotes healing on a larger level by reducing the stigma and shame that continues to interfere with the willingness of other suffering families to get the help they need.

Although it’s your loved one facing rehab and recovery, the people around them will need healing as well. Honor your own journey by finding a support community you can share authentically with, work on forgiveness, learn how to communicate effectively with your loved one, and get to know the professionals involved with their treatment as you work together to repair and rebuild your relationship.

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