How Much of a Natural Healer You Are Based on Your Birth Month

 July 07, 2018

Here’s How Much of a Natural Healer You Are Based on Your Birth Month


6. June

Dealing with own physical and emotional pain is difficult, but responding to the pain of others can be overwhelming. People who are born in the month of June do all in their power to help the people they love but sadly they are not natural healers. Witnessing or hearing about physical injury calls attention to vulnerability, and gives a reminder that bodies are not invincible. But somehow people who are born in June are of no help in such scenarios as they cannot understand the emotional trauma that others are going through. Though broken bones and bloody wounds may unnerve us, people born in June will do all that they can to help them.


7. July

People who are born in the month of July are most definitely not natural healers and they stick only to the right path in order to help others. They are not very judgemental and they hate premature evaluation. They do not trust others and they also do not take their word for it. They do not believe in coincidence and their judgment only relies on facts and evidence. They cannot be manipulated or be moved by emotions. They will go out of their own way in order to help others even if that means hurting them emotionally for their own good.


8. August

Embarrassment is what’s known as a self-conscious emotion. While basic emotions such as resentment, anger, surprise or fear tend to happen automatically, without much cognitive processing, the self-conscious emotions, including shame, guilt, and pride, are much more complex. They require self-reflection and self-evaluation. People who are born in the month of August are not natural healers. Neither can they understand or deal with complex emotions. They are always after the truth and want to help people grow into a better life but they sometimes feel uneasy or suffocating among people who have too much of an emotional problem.


9. September

People who are born in the month of September have a good sense of empathy and this makes them a natural healer. Not only do they understand the pain and suffering that other people are going through but also feel it. They connect to these people on a deeper emotional level. They provide them with a safer atmosphere in order to ease their pain.


10. October

People who are born in the month of October are not natural healers but they care deeply for their loved ones. On an emotional level, they are unavailable as it is very difficult for them to comprehend such complex emotions. They still try to help others maintain the emotional stability but they become very disturbed when they fail.


11. November

People who are born in the month of November are definitely natural healers. They are also emotionally available when it comes to helping others. They never give up on people. They try to feel their pain and suffering. They give other people a comforting atmosphere to share their grief and problems.


12. December

People who are born in the month of December are both destructive and healing in nature. It is an involuntary thing which happens in the heat of the moment. They often fight themselves in order to help other people. They are a bit whimsical people and they cannot make up their minds right away.