How To Keep Your Relationship Alive After The Baby Arrives

Keep Relationship Alive After Baby Arrives

4. Remind each other that this too shall pass.

When it’s tough, and it invariably is with a baby, take turns reminding each other that it won’t always be like this.

When you’re rolling the pram indoors at 3 A.M. because your baby just won’t sleep, or you’re wiping yourself down after yet another spit-up session – it’s easy to forget that this won’t always last.

By telling each other that this too shall pass, you’re bringing yourselves out of the negative headspace and into a, slightly more, positive one.

It doesn’t mean the struggles all stop – it does, however, offer some temporary relief from the negative, catastrophic thoughts racing around your brain.

At the same time, you and your partner are offering each other emotional support, helping you both get through this as a team. This boosts emotional intimacy and is a helpful way to keep your relationship alive after your baby arrives.

Keeping The Spark Alive Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

When things are hard we tend to feel like the solution has to be complicated. When it comes to getting through the baby years with your relationship intact – it can be simple.

In order to keep your relationship alive after the baby arrives, you only need a minimum of six seconds and a maximum of ten minutes, per day. That’s it. In this time, you can either share a six-second long kiss, share sixty seconds of intimacy three times throughout the day, or give ten minutes to yourself or your relationship. By doing this you’ll be able to keep the fire burning and grow your emotional connection.

Good luck!

Originally published on Therapy by Leigh.

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