The Hidden, Unconscious Reasons We Are Attracted To Someone

Your conscious mind isn’t necessarily your best guide.

 March 06, 2019

The Hidden, Unconscious Reasons We Are Attracted To Someone


This process can be difficult and often more prolonged than we think it should be, It’s generally not a decision that is made intentionally or even consciously. It is rather a state of being that couples open to when they feel trusting of their partner and supported by them. There is at these times, an intuitive awareness that restoration of wholeness is possible with this person. That recognition is the incentive to overcome the resistance that is natural to experience when one stands in the face of painful and fearsome experiences.


It’s not surprising that so many people choose lives of “quiet desperation” rather than face their demons. Overcoming the natural, understandable resistance to this process requires courage, strength, commitment, and perhaps most importantly, the support of a partner who is willing to go the distance, even when it can feel like the stakes are one’s very survival. In every case, the road is paved with surprises, failures, and victories. In the process of embodying this commitment, these qualities and others become strengthened to an extent that we are no longer the same people who began the journey. Both partners ultimately become more autonomous as individuals, and more intimately bonded as a couple. The path can be daunting, but the rewards are profound. This is the work that relationships require and it is truly a labor of love.


Written by Linda & Charlie Bloom

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The Hidden, Unconscious Reasons We Are Attracted To Someone

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