Hi. Sorry I Haven’t Texted You Back

Hi. Sorry I haven't texted you back

Hi. Sorry I haven’t texted you back.
I’ve been anxious and depressed.
I haven’t had time to catch my breath,
you know how life gets. I am so drained I can’t even collect the energy for the most menial of tasks,
like texting you back or washing the one dish in the sink.
The weather has been beautiful, right?
Yesterday I fought off a panic attack while I was driving.
I had to pull over because my vision was blurred.
I focused on how blue the sky was.
I haven’t washed my hair in three days.
I just want to sleep all the time,
but if I told you, you would want to uncover a reason behind
all of this, and there is no tangible reason you would accept
as valid. How are you? I hope well.
Let’s get dinner soon!

– Alicia Cook

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