Optical Illusion Test: This Test Will Reveal What You Hate About Your Partner

What Do You Hate About Your Partner Optical Illusion Test

Every relationship has its ups and downs, and there are certain things that you might hate about your partner, which is completely normal. However, do you ever pretend to be okay with some things but you are secretly not? Are there things your partner does that make you feel angry, crazy, and upset, but you never speak up about them because you don’t want to rock the boat?

Well, if that is the case, then this optical illusion test is going to reveal accurately what is it that you hate about your partner. There can be many things you don’t like about your partner, but there must be something that drives you crazy, yet you choose never to bring it up.

What You Hate About Your Partner: Optical Illusion Test

Take a look at this intriguing painting by Ukrainian artist, Oleg Shuplyak and try to be as mindful as you can while looking at it. The first thing you see in the painting will reveal what you hate about your partner.

What Did You See First?

What you hate about your partner
Optical Illusion Test: What You Hate About Your Partner

Ready to know what you can’t stand about your partner? Let’s find that out with this personality test!

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If you saw first

1. The Red Curtain

If the red curtain is what caught your eye first, then you are someone who hates drama and conflict with a vengeance. You always try to stay away from drama and absolutely hate the ugliness that comes with it.

Sure, it might be exciting to date someone fun, adventurous, and charming, but when that grandiosity keeps on interfering with your equation, things start to go downhill. And what makes this even worse is that you are always blamed for everything, even when something is not at all your fault.

It’s high time you stop being the scapegoat and speak up against this attitude. Take a stand for yourself, and don’t let your partner bulldoze over you all the time.

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2. The Man On His Knees

If this is what caught your eye first in the painting then what you hate about your partner is their clinginess and neediness. It’s okay to be clingy sometimes with your partner, but if it becomes something that’s happening all the time, it’s nothing short of a red flag.

It might have been fun at the beginning when you just couldn’t keep your hands off each other, but now it has become straight-up annoying. You feel suffocated and smothered by their behavior, but you never speak up because you’re scared that they might react very badly.

But you know what? It’s okay to speak up sometimes. It’s okay to not like something about your partner. And most importantly, it’s okay for you to ask for some space from them. Try to make them understand that you need some time for yourself, and wanting some personal space is not wrong at all.

3. The Man’s Face In Profile

If you saw this first, then what you hate about your partner is their stubbornness in a relationship; you believe that it’s important for both partners to compromise sometimes and meet halfway. When your partner behaves in a very adamant and dominating manner, it drives you crazy.

They always expect you to understand their needs and wants but seldom do they understand yours. And if you point this out, they tend to dump the blame on you, instead of accepting their mistakes.

Don’t back down no matter how much your partner might try to control you. Deep down in your heart, if you know you are right, speak up for it and refuse to take a backseat.

4. The Angry Man

If you saw the angry man first, then you cannot stand hot tempers, especially short tempers. Your partner might have a habit of flying into a temper at the drop of a hat, and this really bothers you to no end. But you choose to keep quiet because you feel that it’s just going to make the situation worse and you would rather let it pass.

Being short-tempered is not a very good quality to have. Sure, getting angry once in a while is fine, because that’s how you regulate your emotions, but flying into a rage every single time is really unhealthy. Let your partner know that getting angry all the time is not good for them, for you, or for the relationship.

Speak up but be gentle about it because if you lose your temper, it will just make everything worse. There’s no point fighting fire with fire, sometimes it’s important to speak up while being gentle about it.

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What did you see first in the painting, and what you hate about your partner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below, and don’t forget to share this fun optical illusion test with your friends and family!

What Do You Hate About Your Partner Optical Illusion Test pin

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