Choose A Greek God And Reveal What Sacred Message They Have For You


Choose A Greek God

Here’s a sacred message for you from the Greek Gods and Goddesses! Many people have heard of mighty Zeus and Hera, wise Athena, fierce Ares, bright Apollo and Artemis, crafty Hephaestus, and all Greek Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient World. However, their memory and worship did not (entirely) fade away. Hades is still mentioned even in Christian literature and we still light fires in the house to honor Hestia (Vesta), the hearth of our homes.

Greek Gods and Goddesses may not be as obvious and 2000 years ago, but they are still here.

Hence, there are still priests and priestesses worshiping and invoking them. Apollo was known for the famous Oracle of Pythia where many prophecies originated from this special and really really powerful place. Greek Gods and Goddesses got messages for all of us. Which God or Goddess would you pick to talk to? Will it be…

Greek Gods and Goddess have a message

Before we begin let’s remember again the Gods of Olympus.

1. Zeus (Jupiter), king of the Gods

2. Hera (Juno), queen of the Gods

3. Aphrodite (Venus), Goddess of Love and Beauty

4. Ares (Mars), God of War

5. Apollo, God of the Sun, Sports, and Arts

6. Artemis (Diana), Goddess of the Moon, Hunting and Wild Life

7. Athena (Minerva), Goddess of Wisdom

8. Demeter (Ceres), Goddess of all Nature

9. Dionysus, God of mysteries, harvest, and Entertainment

10. Hades (Pluto), God of the Underworld

11. Hephaestus (Vulcan), God of Creativity and Craftsmanship

12. Hermes (Mercury), God of Communication, Commerce, and Intelligence

13. Hestia (Vesta), Goddess of Family & Hearth

14. Poseidon (Neptune), God of Seas, Rivers, Lakes, and all Waters

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Now, Read their sacred Message…

1. Zeus: King of the Gods

Choose A Greek God And Reveal What Sacred Message They Have For You

True power comes from the Self. Try to impose it on others and you will find that fear is born. Be the role model for others, inspire and guide them. Gaining power should not be the goal but instead the outcome of developing and understanding yourself. Treat everybody as equal as you are all connected and walking together. Do not forget that you are human as well.

2. Hera: Queen of the Gods

Choose A Greek God And Reveal What Sacred Message They Have For You

Family is a great gift but always remember that you don’t have to be bound by it. If your family is supportive, loving, and caring then you have been blessed. Remember even if your family is not ideal, love them for who they are but always remember to love yourself. You will never fail when whatever you do is out of love.

3. Aphrodite: Goddess of Love and Beauty

Choose A Greek God And Reveal What Sacred Message They Have For You

Beauty can be both a blessing and a curse depending on how you are using your gift. You can enchant, inspire and amaze but at the same time, you can destroy cities, create wars or bring your own destruction. Helen of Troy had a whole war created for her, Narcissus was obsessed with his own beauty that led to his end.

Beauty will help you spark desire, it will never make someone love you. It is your personality and your other gifts that can create that magic.

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4. Ares: God of War

Choose A Greek God And Reveal What Sacred Message They Have For You

Every day our life can be full of fights. Remember that not all our experiences are necessarily gained with war. We decide to make peace with ourselves and the world the moment we realize that true strength comes from within. The stronger a person is the less energy they need to spend to have their will manifested.

5. Apollo: God of the Sun, Sports and Arts

Choose A Greek God And Reveal What Sacred Message They Have For You

The sweetness of life is all around you. Enjoy the light and the daily blessings. The Universe is a world of endless possibilities and infinite pleasure. Let music be your guide that will heal your soul and help you express your inner self.

6. Artemis: Goddess of the Moon, Hunting and Wild Life

Choose A Greek God And Reveal What Sacred Message They Have For You

The night is a blessing, there is no need to be afraid of the dark. The stars and Moon are always surrounding you leading your way even in your darkest moments. Respect yourself and respect others. Bring your fears in the light and let them heal.

7. Athena: Goddess of Wisdom

Choose A Greek God And Reveal What Sacred Message They Have For You

Wisdom is acquired through your daily experience, it is not in books and nobody can transfer it to you. You may find yourself learning a lot from small things, whatever you may find boring and not important can help you acquire wisdom when you look at it from a different prism. Remind yourself that you have the capacity to be wise and don’t let the words of others mislead you.

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8. Demeter: Goddess of all Nature

Choose A Greek God And Reveal What Sacred Message They Have For You

The Earth Mother wants you to enjoy her blessing of abundance in our world. Remind yourself that there is plenty for everyone. Enjoy nature and nurture your body, mind, and spirit. Respect Mother Earth and you will gain her respect and blessings in return. Get out for a walk and attune with the marvels of nature.

9. Dionysus: God of mysteries, harvest and Entertainment

Choose A Greek God And Reveal What Sacred Message They Have For You

Surrender yourself and let go. Leave the stresses of life behind and have some fun that you so well deserve. Everything is so much easier when you feel relaxed. Drink, dance, and enjoy! Getting away from what troubles you are healing your troubles and your anxiety.

10. Hades: God of the Underworld

Choose A Greek God And Reveal What Sacred Message They Have For You

Let go of your fear of death. It comes for all men and women, irrespectively if they have been good or bad. Death makes no discrimination and we may not be in the best position to understand this mystery of life. Death is peace and resolution. In a world without endings, there are only beginnings.

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11. Hephaestus: God of Creativity and Craftsmanship

Choose A Greek God And Reveal What Sacred Message They Have For You

Reveal your artistic and creative talents. Whatever you can make with your hands is a blessing. You are reminded that the only obstacle that does not allow you to be creative is yourself. Pursue a path where your gifts and talents are appreciated and honored, first of all by yourself.

12. Hermes: God of Communication, Commerce and Intelligence

Choose A Greek God And Reveal What Sacred Message They Have For You

Express your inner world. Talk to others about all the amazing things that are happening in your head. Communicate freely and openly. Travel around the world and create new experiences for you, that is the best way to broaden your mind. Experience everything that life has to offer.

13. Hestia: Goddess of Family & Hearth

Choose A Greek God And Reveal What Sacred Message They Have For You

Home is where your heart is. It can be in a place, or in a person, this magnificent feeling to feel at peace, protected, and taken care of. Your home is your base, you return to recharge your batteries and restart. Always remember to show hospitality and keep the real hearth, your heart, warm and cozy for yourself and the world.

14. Poseidon: God of Seas, Rives, Lakes and all Waters

Choose A Greek God And Reveal What Sacred Message They Have For You

Feel the beauty and the ferocity of the ocean, the Great Sea that no one knows what is hidden in its great depths. The Sea is a great place to recharge your energy and let go of anything unwanted. Also remember, that your mind is like the sea. Your conscious mind is what can be seen on its surface, but your subconscious hides the mysteries sitting at the bottom of the Ocean.

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What is your sacred message from Greek God and Goddesses?

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Greek Gods And Goddess Sacred Message
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Choose A Greek God And Reveal What Sacred Message They Have For You
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Choose A Greek God And Reveal What Sacred Message They Have For You

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