Which Greek God Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!


Which Greek God Are You Based On Zodiac Signs

Have you ever thought about which Greek god you can be best associated with, according to your zodiac personality? Which Greek god are you? Let’s find out!

Every zodiac sign has some specific qualities attached to it.

On the basis of their zodiac signs, people act, love, and live in a certain way. Each zodiac sign is based on Greek mythology and closely linked with the personality of the Greek Gods and Goddesses.

Since Greek mythology Gods and Goddesses were very realistic, it is not surprising that many of the characteristics of the Greek deities have come down upon us mortals. So, which Greek god or goddess are you?

Which Greek God Are You?

Are you wondering which Greek god am I or which Greek goddess am I? Here are the zodiac signs and the Greek gods and goddesses that they are linked with:

1. Libra: Aphrodite

The Goddess of Love and Beauty – you are the famous Aphrodite deity.

which Greek god are you
Which Greek God Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!

Time passes away in a very swift manner. We are all imperfect and temporary. These are some truths that the Aphrodite goddess – the mother of love represents. But your luck or fate may deliver you a bad hand.

Aphrodite was known to be attracted to unsuitable mates – having married the Lame God, Hephaestus who was ugly. But your light shines bright and brings happiness to people.

Your chief symbols are mirrors and seashells.

Your animal is the Dove.

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2. Capricorn: Apollo

The famous Sun God and God of Music – you are related to Apollo.

which Greek god are you
Which Greek God Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!

You have respect for those people who can work hard and have some underlying talent. After all, you can relate to them – they are just as hardworking as you are and want to achieve more.

Plus, you have a liking towards art and love people who have some kind of skill to show. People like your energy even though they know that you keep your emotions caged inside. But just because you work hard doesn’t mean that you are boring.

You can just pick up an instrument and compose a beautiful piece without any problem.

Your chief symbols are the tripod, laurel, and lyre.

Your chief animals are the wolf, the raven, and the lizard.

3. Taurus: Hestia

You are the goddess of domesticity who controls fire and resides in the hearth, the Hestia goddess.

which Greek god are you
Which Greek God Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!

You are a wonderful caregiver who values relationships a lot. You have a sharp memory and remember the birthdays of all your friends. When your loved ones are feeling low, you lend them your support.

You don’t like conflict and are least involved in them. You want to end all conflicts between people and want the world to become a better place. And that’s why you are respected by others.

Your chief symbol is the circle.

Your chief animal is the pig.

4. Gemini: Eris

The Greek goddess of strife and discord, Eris, is related to you.

which Greek god are you
Which Greek God Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!

You have a craving for more knowledge but this leads to restlessness and chaos within you. Chaos brought you into existence but you were able to bring the chaos into a balanced state.

People like to be around you since you radiate a kind of strong stimulating energy that they don’t find in anyone else. Generally, you will have someone with you who will feel lucky to be your partner.

Your chief symbol is the arrow.

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5. Aquarius: Poseidon

You are the Greek god of the seaPoseidon.

which Greek god are you
Which Greek God Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!

One of the leading gods, you are one of the three strongest gods in Greek Mythology. People ask you a lot more than you want to give away.

Sometimes, you are considered to be an introvert, but that’s okay. You need to spend time with yourself.

This is one of the reasons why you mostly stay in your home. But you also want to come outside in search of a mate who will be a support system for you.

You can get a bit emotional at times and that can make you impulsive too. But you are the sea – a natural force. If you want to do something, you can do it. People know this quality and want to be with you because of that.

Your chief symbol is the Trident.

Your chief animals are the horse and dolphin.

6. SCORPIO: Demeter

You are the deity of harvest, the Demeter goddess.

which Greek god are you
Which Greek God Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!

You like to be individualistic and yet you are attracted to powerful people as well. You are generally peaceful but if anyone makes a wrong move, especially on those who are near and dear to you, your wrath will obliterate them.

Most of the time, you are right, so your predictions aren’t wrong usually. You were the Goddess who taught humanity that they are better than animals and thereby, helped in the formation of civilizations.

Your chief symbols are grains, the narcissus, the crocus flower, the myrtle, the poppy, the daffodil, and the ear of wheat.

7. PISCES: Hades

You are Hades God of the Underworld. 

which Greek god are you
Which Greek God Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!

He’s the second most powerful God of Greek mythology and that is pretty cool. Hades is also married to Persephone, the Goddess of Vegetation.

Since Hades can be invisible, it means that your talents and thoughts are very well hidden from others. You might even appear wicked to your loved ones and that’s ok. You do have bits of wickedness in you.

Hades loves to live a quiet and alone time and that’s the reason why you might often want to stay alone. And that helps your creative side.

Your chief symbols are a cornucopia, a scepter, and a spear tip.

Your chief animal is a three-headed dog, Cerberus.

8. VIRGO: Hermes

The messenger of gods, you are Hermes.

which Greek god are you
Which Greek God Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!

You are observant. Hermes was given wings so that he could look at people from afar and guide lost souls. You have a hunger for knowledge which makes you a wise person.

Empathy also guides you, but there is a bad side to you too. Thieves and cheaters love you as their patron.

Your love for all makes your understanding, although many people might hate you
for that.

Your symbols happen to be a leather pouch, winged sandals, and staff.

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9. LEO: Zeus

You are the king of Gods, the all-powerful Zeus deity.

which Greek god are you
Which Greek God Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!

You love knowledge and are quite humorous too. But since you are the all-powerful Zeus god, the king of all gods, you are a bit proud of yourself and you do not like to move from your position.

You have only a few people whom you trust and they find themselves lucky because those people flourish along with you. However, your pedestal-seeking nature and curiosity can bring trouble to you.

Your chief symbols are the thunderbolt, the throne, and the scepter.

The eagle is your sacred animal.

10. ARIES: Ares

The offspring of the two most powerful Gods of Greek mythology, you are Ares, the Greek god of war.

which Greek god are you
Which Greek God Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!

You do have the feeling of being a God but you can blend among mortals. If you have your mindset about something, you can do it and make it happen.

Friends may not be easy to make, but the few friends that you have consider you to be their best friend.

As a friend, you are extremely loyal and caring. You will also help your friends achieve their dreams. 

Your chief symbol is the spear.

Your sacred animal happens to be Cerberus, a Cornucopia, and a dog.

11. CANCER: Artemis

The Goddess of Hunting, you are the Artemis deity.

which Greek god are you
Which Greek God Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!

Even though you look beautiful, it does not really matter to you. Nature and human beings intrigue you more. As a lover, you are loyal and anyone who pushes the wrong button will witness hell.

Artemis goddess is also the Goddess of Childbirth. So, while being tough, you also have a nurturing element in you.

Your symbols are the pike and the boat.

Your sacred tree is the cedar. The dear, the bear, and the snake are your sacred animals.

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12. SAGITTARIUS: Dionysius

You are the God of wine making– Dionysius.

which Greek god are you
Which Greek God Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!

You might be hesitant, but you know that you are the hero of your story. Dionysius‘s mother may have been mortal but his father was the most powerful god of Olympus. Hence, you get drunk and play your flute, but you still remain judicious.

You can even sacrifice yourself to make the world beautiful and better. You love your friends and family. You become an important part of the lives of those who get to know you better and love you.

Your symbols are the wine barrels, the flute, and Thyer sews.

Your sacred animals are the tiger and the panther.

So, among these Greek mythology deities, which Greek god are you or which Greek goddess are you? Let us know by commenting below!

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Which Greek God Or Goddess Are You Your Zodiac Sign Reveals
Which Greek God Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!
Which Greek God Or Goddess Is Your Zodiac Sign pin
Which Greek God Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!
which Greek god are you
Which Greek God Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!
which Greek god are you
Which Greek God Are You? Your Zodiac Sign Reveals!

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