Girlfriends RANKED From Worst To Best, Based on Their Zodiac Signs

girlfriends ranked from worst to best based on their zodiac

Everyone is different in their own way, and everyone has a different approach when it comes to love and relationships. Now, the interesting thing is that your zodiac sign can reveal a lot of things about you, including what kind of a girlfriend you are.

Are you an adventurous and volatile Aries girlfriend? Or are you a very emotional and nurturing Cancer girlfriend? Moreover, which zodiac signs rank the highest when it comes to being the best girlfriends, and which zodiac signs, ahem, the lowest?

Here Are All The Zodiac Signs Ranked From Worst To Best, According To What Kind Of Girlfriend They Are

12. Scorpio

(October 23rd- November 21st; Water)

The driving instinct behind this is their brutal honesty. They think just like they can handle criticism on the face, everyone can. Imagine yourself on the first date: God forbid she doesn’t like what you are wearing. Because she WILL say it to your face.

She will also be very passionate. Expressing her love for you (if she does) will never be a problem for her. But again, dare make a mistake and she WILL BRING YOU DOWN. She will be the Sun to your Icarus, like it or not.

But hey, look at the positives: Once you are with a Scorpio, you will be forced to try your best to be your best.


11. Virgo

(August 23rd- September 22nd; Earth)

The driving instinct behind women of this zodiac is insecurity. You might be counting your lucky stars that you met her and how your relationship is perfect at last, but as a girlfriend, she will be critical of her own looks and in general worthiness. She may keep thinking that she is not worth your time and attention.

As a result, any other person coming closer to you will be a subject of her jealousy. Constant assurances might not be enough.


10. Aries

(March 21st– April 19th; Fire)

For an Aries woman, time is always of the essence. She WILL rush into things. This can be daunting especially at the initial stages of the relationship when you might or might not be ready for further commitment. If there is one thing that you can absolutely expect from an Aries woman, is a domineering personality.

There might be a sensitive side to her personality but she WILL be temperamental.


9. Taurus

(19th April- 20th May; Earth)

The driving force in her life is her indomitableness. She loves her freedom and realizes very well that if she can’t complete herself, you definitely can’t. Her way of trying to gauge the fact that she is in love will be to distance herself from you and see if she misses you. Do not expect commitment from her first, EVER.

This is why relationships with Taurus women can be VERY slow in their progression if there is any and when they break remember two things: 1. It WILL break your heart and 2. You don’t get a second chance. Like the Scorpio, make sure you give your best in these relationships. If it still doesn’t work out, don’t beat yourself up too much about it.


8. Cancer

(June 22nd- July 22nd; Water)

If you want clarity in a relationship, Cancers are it. They will pamper your every whim. They are very easy to read because they make things very clear on their faces. The negative part is, they also tend to get very easily upset.

Gestures of the smallest magnitude mean a LOT to them. It might take time to earn her trust, but only a second to break it. Once earned, very few people will care as much about you like her. Also, she will do her absolute best to never ever disappoint you if you two are in love.


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