Find Out What Your Favorite ‘Family Guy’ Character Says About You!


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Favorite Family Guy Character Quiz: Reveal Your True Self

Do you relate to Peter, Stewie, Meg, or Brian? Take this fun quiz to find out what your favorite Family Guy character says about your personality.

Family Guy has kept audiences laughing for over 20 years with its irreverent humor and colorful cast. From Peter’s ridiculous exploits to Stewie’s brilliant plans, each of these characters brings something different to the table.

Therefore, let us get right into it and find out what your favorite Family Guy character reveals about you!

8 Favorite Family Guy Character Quiz: Reveal Your True Self

1. Stewie Griffin – The Strategist

You are the intellectual mastermind of this group, always devising plans and making arrangements for your next action. Your intelligence and class has no match, but you really long for world domination in secret. You won’t stop until you reach at the very topmost.

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2. Meg Griffin – The Loner

You’re someone who dances to his or her own song and does not care about the crowd. Good-hearted and loving toward others, sometimes you allow people to use your kindness against you as you strive to prove everyone wrong some day.

3. Peter Griffin – The Foodie

You don’t like Peter because you are a sloppy father who has lost his job many times and destroyed countless properties over the past 20 years; rather, you love his gut-wrenching jokes. And nothing pleases your heart like food.

4. Glenn Quagmire – The Romeo

You’re an ultimate seducer; always on the lookout for new conquests in your romantic life. Your confidence level is unimaginable and any chance of flirting with someone would never pass by without being utilized somehow. Giggity giggity indeed!

5. Brian Griffin – The Visionary

Stewie’s adventure companion – Brian is still the most excellent pet that the Griffin’s will ever have and he is always there for his family.

And if he’s your favorite Family Guy character, then you are a hopeless romantic who loses themselves in books all day or dreams of creating their own novel one day. Perseverance is your watchword, you will someday write down the next great love story.

6. Lois Griffin – The Caretaker

When it comes to Lois, her toughness and determination in dealing with the mess of her family might make you adore her as a character. While most people like her because she always seems to be level-headed in the craziest situation. Some of us also feel strongly about her occasional vulnerabilities and freak-outs.

7. Joe Swanson – Superman Without Cape

When there’s trouble brewing, he’s the one friend who stands up for us all because we can count on him to save our bacon. Do not let that friendly face deceive you; this guy is resilient at work and can mean business when it comes to getting things done.

And if he’s your favorite then you’re a dependable friend who’s always there to lend a hand in times of need. But don’t let that friendly smile fool you—you’re tough as nails and a force to be reckoned with at work.

8. Chris Griffin – The Awkward One

You may be quite clumsy at times, but you have good intentions. You’re just a happy-go-lucky person who would do anything to make others smile. Just keep an eye out for those who will take your generosity for granted.

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Enjoy the jokes that characterizes this animated world and see which one of Griffins or his friends matches best with your own individuality.

Share your thoughts on the favorite family guy character quiz in the comments below!

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