Unrequited Love? 5 Reasons Why We Fall In Love With People Who Never Love Back

Fall In Love

Love matters to you. You have been waiting for it for a very long time, especially that feeling of bliss that envelops you when you find yourself falling in love with someone, and they reciprocate back. But what happens when they don’t? What happens when you fall in love with someone, but they never love you back? Heartbreak Central, isn’t it?

Every time you think and say to yourself, “This is it! This is the person I was waiting for!”, and the next thing you know, you are left with the battered, broken pieces of your heart. Maybe you don’t realize it, but you tend to fall in love with people who don’t love you back. You keep falling in love with the wrong people, who never give you back the love you so desperately crave for.

And why is that? Why do you keep on falling for people you can’t have? You keep on pursuing people who don’t share the same feelings, and while you are doing this, you are probably missing out on some genuine connections, and people who can give you what you have been searching for your whole life.

If you want to stop doing this to yourself, then you need to introspect and think about the reasons why you fall in love with people who never seem to love you back, and get your heart broken, time and time again.

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5 Reasons You Fall In Love With People Who Never Love You Back

1. You don’t respect and love yourself, and look for validation in others.

At the root of it all, is self-love, or how much you love yourself, or whether you love yourself at all or not. In other words, you look for love in the wrong people, because deep down, you don’t love yourself. As the saying goes, nobody can love you, if you don’t love yourself. The reason why you always fall for the wrong people is that instead of healing yourself and your emotional wounds, you look for others to do it for you.

You might get your love reciprocated, but somehow you will sabotage the relationship. You will finally be in a relationship with the person you love, but it won’t work out because, after some time, you will behave indifferently and uncaringly towards them.

You keep on making the same mistakes over and over again, and indulge in the same toxic patterns, because deep down inside, you believe that you are unlovable, and have a crippling fear of abandonment. So that’s why you leave them before they get a chance to leave you.

Unless you love and accept yourself fully, nobody will be able to give you the love you have been searching for, for your whole life.

2. You believe in love, but feel unsure about being in a committed relationship.

Falling in love feels like an intoxicating drug, that you just can’t get enough of, and the chase? It’s just the best, isn’t it? Maybe that’s the problem, you like the feeling of falling for someone but you are not really a fan of what comes afterward. When the stability takes over and the excitement starts to fade. When it’s not just about having fun anymore but getting to know each other on a deeper level.

You like to fall in love, but you don’t really want to confine yourself to a committed, monogamous relationship. You crave the excitement, but don’t want the maturity that comes with being in a serious, healthy relationship. You want the commitment, but you also want the freedom of not being in a relationship. You want to be with them for the rest of your life, but feel unsure about being with one person for the rest of your life.

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