To Anyone Who Has Ever Lived With Depression


To Anyone Who Has Ever Lived With Depression

Who Has Lived With Depression

More and more people around us are now living with depression, and the numbers are higher than ever before. A world Health Organization report has revealed that approximately 350 million people across the world are affected by this extremely devastating mental illness.

If you or someone close to you suffers from depression, there is no reason to think that you are the only one going through this horrible illness. Don’t think you have to face it all alone or live your life in isolation. Believe it or not, most people go through depression in some part of their lives, maybe not chronically, still, they do. Even if you have endured the illness for long or feel tremendously low, try to remain inspired. Reading inspirational things will strengthen you and help you overcome daily challenges.

Depression hurts- Depression is like a dark and lonely road with no end in sight. It is devastating.

Living with depression is no less than facing a never-ending storm, or being trapped in a dark dungeon that is right within your mind. Sadly, many people who have never been through depression can’t fathom the feelings of the people who have to deal with it on a day-to-day basis. Many who see someone suffering closely can get some understanding of the illness and suffering, but they cannot understand it in depth. The real suffering, the internal damage to the mind, and the soul remain hidden confined to the sufferer.

Anyone who suffers from depression knows how long the days seem and endures the pain of passing the nights that seem endless. It hurts so much that you want to escape your mind, but you have no clue how. You want to relate to someone how you feel, but words seem to fail you because you really don’t know how to express this overwhelming feeling that drains you physically and mentally. You want to escape, but don’t know where. There are so many things you want to do, explore, but most of all you want to get rid of the sinking feeling deep inside you.

Let not depression take you over. If you are going through depression, or have suffered from the illness in the past, please have courage. Someone is there for you, who will hear all you have to say.

Your pain and sadness will be truly understood by someone. There will be a hand outstretched for you to hold to be back on your feet. Don’t give up everything yet, don’t let yourself move into the dark, and your life deserves it. If you tell yourself that you are not going to give up, you will start feeling better. It’s true. Just believe you CAN and focus your time, commitment, and energy on that belief. Your dedication will see you through the hard times. Don’t think you are meant to walk this difficult path all alone, so don’t feel you have to.

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Depression can weigh you down so much that you may feel not to come out of your bed.

You just want to hide behind the sheets and tell yourself you don’t want to do anything with the world outside. If on a particular day, you don’t feel like getting up, don’t push yourself. Take a break. Trying to recover doesn’t mean you have to be hard on yourself. No matter what, you are a human with feelings. So, be honest with them and listen to your inner voice. Many times we get bogged down by the unrealistic expectations of this world. The best way to deal with it is not to try to be a picture of perfection. If you want to be in your bed sometimes, do so. There is no need to pay any attention to what others have to say. Do anything that helps you to lift your spirits, and do it without any regret.

Are you too worried about what others think? Keep the expectations aside, and stand in front of the mirror. Can you relate with a person you are seeing in the mirror? Depression is often the impact of the pressure we bear to keep up with the expectations of the outside world. In our attempt to be perfect we gradually lose connection with our true selves, and when this continues for too long, the child within us is forgotten. Our inner self that wants to have fun, play, and express authentically, goes missing.

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The truth is, it’s still there and all you need to do is free it from the bondage of expectations.

It’s your inner voice, and it’s crying to be rescued. Honor it, listen to it, because you are not doing it and that is what is translating into depression. We take life so seriously that we forget, it is, but a game. You cannot allow depression to win, no matter how tough or cruel it seems to be. Remember, the ultimate power is in you. And you are the one who can overcome those false depressive feelings.

Depression can affect you at any moment, and sometimes, when you expect it the least. To deal with such situations, stop thinking. The spiraling thoughts can push you to negativity. Suddenly, you may start thinking something happened weeks ago, and before you know, your mind would have linked it to something negative. One thought will lead to the next until you feel suffocated.

Take time out of all these thoughts. Allow yourself to breathe and feel how good it is to have this life, to feel alive. You don’t need big things. The smallest of things can bring you relief if you try to see them in a different light. Take a look around and tell yourself how beautiful is the nature, the sunshine, the lovely fragrance of the flowers. Laugh with your loved ones and feel the happiness you get in their company.

While reading this, you might start thinking that life is not so easy, it’s time that you understand that even though there are endless struggles, accepting both sides of the story and living with them is human. Life is indeed a miracle because despite the heartache, the pain, the tears, the disappointment there is always scoping to gain back your positivity.

Unlike other illnesses that affect a certain part of your body, depression takes control of your entire being. It makes you feel lonely, lost, confused, and sometimes scared. But there is another way of looking at it. Instead of looking at your condition minutely, try to look at the bigger picture. Depression is not your entire story; it’s just a part of your life. It is definitely not your only identity, there is more to you and you know it as well. You are evolving to be better, you are a work in progress, a miracle, so don’t think you are less than anybody.

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Let the mirror reflect the real you! Not the depressed you.

To Anyone Who Has Ever Lived With Depression
Who Has Lived With Depression

13 responses to “To Anyone Who Has Ever Lived With Depression”

  1. Puneet Sharma Avatar

    ‘Probably its very hard but not impossible to overcome this darkness ‘

  2. Philip Morris Avatar

    Btw if you heart is broken, how come you are still on the line? Are you a robot?

  3. Philip Morris Avatar

    Well we all deserve it

  4. Philip Morris Avatar

    He said, “oh dear please dont go, i didnt mean to hurt your feelings sorry for giving me the power to do it”

    1. Merve Unplotted Avatar

      “Please don’t go and suffer for me.”

  5. Shawn Humphrey Avatar

    Gina Garner read this

  6. Rick Rok Avatar

    Try LSD took my depression away and made me give up drugs and alcohol.

  7. Philip Morris Avatar

    Jung said: Depression is like a woman in black. If she turns up, don’t shoo her away. Invite her in, offer her a seat, treat her like a guest and listen to what she wants to say.

    1. Hamzah Abusamak Avatar

      She said, “you are an idiot, deserved what happened, you never learn. am leaving now, bye”

  8. Merve Unplotted Avatar

    I don’t have a depression, I have a broken heart.

    1. Edimo Attai Avatar

      So long as you have a heart you will definetely suffer a broken heart. Just pick up the pieces, choose to get heal and move on.

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