Depression Is Real Whether You Believe It Or Not

Depression Is Real Whether

Depression Is Real Whether You Believe It Or Not

Most of the time we don’t really get to know the actual reason behind fatal decisions, but whatever the reason, suicide is never and will never be an answer! Such incidents keep screaming at us that the richest thing someone can possess is peace of mind.

We never take stress/depression seriously. We laugh at people suffering from depression when they seek our help and tell them that depression is not real and that it is all in their heads. We strive hard to convince them that they are not depressed and ask them to be happy as if it is a choice they make.

It’s high time we realize that depression is a real problem and that it eats away at people from the inside. There are hundreds of treatments and medicines that claim to cure this but all that a depressed soul needs is care. Their constant melancholy added with their sarcastic take on life might look like they want to drive you away from their lives. But in reality, they need you more than anyone else.

Disprove their notion that everyone leaves. Hold their hands. Hug the sadness out of them. Make it a mission to keep them smiling. Cheer them up until they become a soft and warm teddy bear. Handle their tantrums. Deal with their sarcasm. But never leave them!

To all the depressed souls out there, we understand how hard it is for you. We understand the hell that you are going through right now. But never let yourself succumb to despair. Keep fighting. Find a way out of the darkness. We are here to show you the path of light!

I really hope we all take care of our loved ones!

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