Either Love Like You Give A Shit, Or Be Alone

Either Love Like You Give A Shit, Or Be Alone

When you fall in love either love like you give a shit or be alone.

If you’re not loving like this, you’re wasting BOTH of your time.

I believe in loving like you give a shit.

I believe in being overly affectionate in public. Even if it means that those who are envious label you as ‘that couple’ or tell you to get a room.

I believe in flirting with someone you’ve been with for years.

I believe in seeking out our barriers to intimacy and working our way through them.

I believe in forgiveness, and acceptance, and our ability to move on when others have hurt us.

I believe in the healing power of listening. And empathy. And a well-timed, genuine “me too.”

I believe in apologizing when we’ve done something wrong. And taking full ownership of our part of the relationship. And embracing total responsibility for ourselves and our behavior in our lives in general.

Either Love Like You Give A Shit, Or Be Alone
Either Love Like You Give A Shit, Or Be Alone

I believe in the sexiness of self-care because when we take care of ourselves, we can truly be there for others.

I believe in simple dates, extravagant dates and playful dates that spawn inside jokes that last for decades.

I believe in verbal appreciation and lots of it.

I believe in investing in “Fuck yes!” relationships. And authentic connections. And the kind of coincidences that can only come from our twin-flame connections.

I believe in leaning into tough conversations. And showing ourselves as we are. And letting people know when we’re hurting.

I believe in accepting ourselves today as we are, and simultaneously striving for growth at a healthy pace.

I believe in head scratches and foot rubs… nose kisses and holding hands.

I believe that people who are meant to be together will always, with time, find a way to be together.

I believe in transparency, and vulnerability and deeply loving honesty.

I believe in relationships as a safe container for growth.

I believe in regular date nights, connecting on purpose and romantic gestures.

I believe in nurturing the kind of love that brings you home to a more authentic version of yourself.

I believe that the people who put genuine work into themselves are the ones who end up with the kind of intimate relationships that most people only think exist in fairy tales.

I believe in long hugs and slow kisses.

I believe in loving someone who looks, smells and feels like home.

I believe in multi-hour sexual play dates, quickies and morning sex. Sometimes all on the same day.

I believe in saying, “Fuck you society. I’m going to have sex and I’m going to LOVE it.”

I believe in kissing your partner passionately even when they’re sick. Especially when they’re sick.

I believe in doubling down on the kind of love that expands you… develops you… bursts you wide open.

Whether you label it as intentionality, or effort, or loving on purpose, or any other phrase, it’s really all the same thing.

It all comes down to loving like you give a shit.

Putting in the work. Showing your partner that you care. Creating the love you desire through your thoughts, words, and actions on a daily basis.

AKA… loving like you give a shit.

If you’re someone who loves like they give a shit, I salute you.

The world needs more of you.

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Either Love Like You Give A Shit, Or Be Alone
Either Love Like You Give A Shit, Or Be Alone
Either Love Like You Give A Shit, Or Be Alone
Either Love Like You Give A Shit, Or Be Alone

34 thoughts on “Either Love Like You Give A Shit, Or Be Alone”

  1. I don’t like the language either…it’s gross…Inflammatory for the herd mentality. Writing is an art not newspaper to wrap up fish in. It denigrates language and the humans who read it. I don’t even agree with the premise for all people Of course I want that kind of all in passionate love, but others are not capable or do not want it and who are you or the author to force your will or opinions on others. The language is gross and is reflected in a presumptuous theme…takes no thought or finesse or precision. Insult to the English language.

  2. I believe it is grotesque to equate loving passionately with defecating !!! When did you last actually think what giving a ‘shit’ actually means !!!!

    1. If you want it , you’ll have it…I myself plan on manifesting this soon as this is also who I am…

  3. … all that energy…LOL just wait until you’ve had a couple children, run two businesses… keep up with all the bills/mortgage and keep the home tidy and everyone fed… the only thing you’ll give a shit about is getting a good night sleep… survive all that and it’s the most amazing love of all.

  4. Alass people don’t have the desire for personal developnment that allows this kind of relationship to be a two way street, barriers to intimacy are of mass out here in the real world…Healthy connections have been replaced by social media appreciation and a safe distance of distraction. It takes great effort to be emotionally available to your partner when we have so little time for self-care in a world shaped in productivity and with no understanding self-care is not selfish.
    Throw children into the equasion and it is even harder! I love this notion of ‘love like you give a shit’ I just think the hard bit is finding other people with the same mindset willing to really work hard on themselves and eachother.

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