Why This Isn’t The Time To Accept Toxic Behavior From Anyone

Why This Isn’t the Time to Accept Toxic Behavior

This pandemic situation takes a heavy toll on our mental health and it becomes more difficult to cope with the situation when you are dealing with toxic behaviors. In the ongoing pandemic and quarantine, you might find yourself being stretched too thin than usual. But does that mean you will accept toxic behavior?

There is something a little nostalgic about living in a world tense with fear of the unknown. It causes you to take inventory of the things and people that are most important. Beyond that, it forces you to make choices about life, what you want, and who you want, where previously, those decisions might have been unclear.

Toxic behavior
Why This Isn’t The Time To Accept Toxic Behavior From Anyone

Living in quarantine through the Covid-19 pandemic is a perfect time to restore broken relationships by ‘checking in’ on each other, but here’s something to remember… 

1. This still isn’t the time to accept people’s toxic behavior. 

Quarantine check-in texts don’t replace behavior change or that feeling in your gut that says something isn’t right. 

I used to find myself making excuses for people’s roller-coaster emotions and busy lives, but then I stopped. Honestly, I got tired of being understanding. I wanted to spend time with people who show up for me, people who are present, even people who aren’t present, they’re “going through something”  but at least I’m not left guessing why. 

I wanted to spend time with people who don’t confuse intimacy with neediness. You’re in my life by choice, not a necessity. 

The relationships that matter to you are the ones you make time for, even through the ups and downs of life. People who care for you will listen to your wants and decide if they are willing to accommodate your request. Sometimes they can’t; not because they don’t want to, but because they can’t see beyond their own thinking. 

They truly believe they are giving you what you’ve asked for, but what they’re giving you is their interpretation of what you’ve asked for. 

Don’t just ask for what you want, say exactly how you want it. Sometimes we can’t hear people. It takes fine-tuning to pick up on the undercurrents of the things not being said. 

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2. The Covid-19 pandemic still isn’t the time to allow people to project their fears and worries onto you. 

It’s one thing to listen to the concerns of others and share your fears, it’s another to allow the collective thoughts of the world to drag you into negativity. You’re allowed to pull back and protect your space. You’re allowed to shut off the media. You’re allowed to unplug.  

This is the time to know the difference between people that truly value you and people that value your ability to be manipulated. 

This still isn’t the time, nor will it ever be the time to let people use you as a punching bag, sounding board, or emotional dumping ground for their refusal to do the actual self-work. 

This still isn’t the time to quiet your innate intuition. You know what’s right for you — you know what’s not. 

The relationships you’ve consciously decided to distance yourself from are still the same. They won’t produce different results unless there’s a behavior change or mutual effort made. Ending a relationship doesn’t mean that you didn’t care, it usually means that you wanted something different for your life and you’ve taken responsibility for it. 

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