Does Intense Passion Have An Age Limit?

Does Intense Passion Have Age Limit

At a time when scientists realize that findings should not be trusted until replicated, these researchers conducted a second study to alleviate any skepticism. In the second study, 807 random adults from New York were interviewed and of the 396 who were married, 33.3% said they were “intensely in love.” Just as in the first study, people married less than 10 years felt more romantic love than those lasting two decades, three decades, or more.

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Does Intense Passion Have An Age Limit?

This is when you should ask the fundamental question: Why should I care? I’ll tell you why. These three behaviors had the strongest links to ratings of love intensity:

1. I spend time almost every day with my partner in pleasant activities like cooking together, watching TV, or walking together.

2. I sense my body responding when my partner touches me.

3. I sometimes find it difficult to concentrate because thoughts of my partner occupy my mind.

The neurobiological link between compassion and love
Does Intense Passion Have An Age Limit?

Sounds good, right? Especially the first two. The third is a bit strange, as I really do want to fit in my chest workout, check out the blue herons while stand-up paddleboarding, and get some writing done.

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But there’s more: People feel that they grow more as a person after pairing up with partners who provide an avenue for regular, intense love. Their knowledge, wisdom, social network, values, philosophies, and perspective of themselves and their world expand. They become bigger, better, and stronger because of their ability to extract the awesomeness of their partner as well as share their life of accumulations with them.

Pay attention to your kids. Watch March Madness games. Go for hikes, drinks, and world travels with your friends. And when you ask the question, “Does a long-term relationship kill romantic love?” remember that for a sizable minority of people, the answer is no. So, since you are not doomed, invest your time and energy with your romantic partner more wisely.

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Does Intense Passion Have An Age Limit?
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