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Divine Unions Earth Based Relationships

Divine Unions & Earth Based Relationships

Relationships and marriages are no longer working for expanded old souls because innately on a deeper knowing the higher self is communicating to your soul to take certain actions in your life.

The only reason you feel resistance, strife or inaction in your love life is because there is a lack of action towards your divine calling.

The biggest issue most humans are having on the planet is to the understanding the emotional realm.

Emotions are our internal compass, but because we have been conditioned in society to ignore our feelings, learning the difference between ego vs soul emotions can be very confusing. This is why I’m writing this post.

I am truly blessed for all the traumas I have been through, for it is the journey through the dark that is our best teacher. Based on pure Divine guidance I have healed and worked through a tremendous amount of darkness so I can speak to you about this. Nobody has taught this to me but my bond and relationship with the cosmos.

The conditioning on the planet around love is mostly out of ego. We only get glimpses of what true Divine love is through various experiences, like when you have a new baby, or how present you are with your children, but most of our other experiences like falling in love are based out of mind patterns we haven’t acknowledged. It’s not to say that the love you feel isn’t real, it is real when it is only a small doorway opening.

Human love starts when you come into this world where exterior gratification becomes normal. For instance, we don’t have to think if we love our parents, at some point no matter how you feel now, deep inside of you, you know your soul loves your parents. Yes looking that deep can bring up painful thoughts if you experienced a painful childhood but look beyond that. It hurts that much because there has been a resistance built up around the true love you really feel for them.

That deep love didn’t come from the exterior gratification being fed or getting a new toy or new clothing, but you began to experience a level of being nurtured and cared for outside of yourself that brought you comfort. It is from this young age where we first recognize love and comfort from outside of self and then the attachment is formed. It’s natural and normal and a part of the duality of why we come here.

This attachment continues as we get older, and eventually by the time we engage sexually and get married we have a myriad of belief systems of what makes us feel good on the outside. If something we seek in a relationship with someone else doesn’t resonate with this system, we reject it.

You see Divine Love surpasses any form of attachment, including what you find attractive.

Have you ever heard of the saying “beauty is in the eye of the beholder?”That statement sings the song of Cosmic truth

I have never in my life ever dated someone because of how they looked, and I’m sure you will say that’s impossible but hear me out. Deeply, for me, it has always been about a soul connection.

Here’s a “short list” of the type of people I have dated over the years.

  • I dated a man who was morbidly obese, well over 300lbs. I fell in love with him over the phone when friends introduced us at a party. I dated him for 2 years. I truly fell in love with his soul
  • My ex-husband and I had so much in common and our souls knew each other. I was even told by the Universe he would be the one I would marry and I did. I followed my heart even though I was dying to date a woman at that time
  • Yes, I have been with women. I dated a short pudgy woman who reminded me of a Keebler elf, and I was never physically attracted to her, but damn her energy was off the hook! Hottest sex ever I might
  • I dated a hot cop who could be on the cover of GQ. He took longer to get ready then I did, and I realized he was so much into his looks he had no time to look at his soul
  • I dated model looking women too just to see what the hype was all about but never could I connect energetically with them
  • I fell in love with a best friend because she always stood by my side and always accepted for me no matter what. I still sometimes wonder if we could ever make it work.
  • I have had very attractive lesbians who were into me. One time in the middle of getting hot and heavy with a young very attractive woman, I had to stop and reject her in the middle of sex. As I was taking her clothes off the energy wasn’t feeling right for me. I know I hurt her but it had nothing to do with how she looked, she met the standards of beauty according to our world. My intuition told me something was off and I immediately had zero attraction towards her

These are only a few experiences; however, you can see the attraction was never attached to how someone looked, it was always about their soul. Although I experimented with really attractive humans if the connection wasn’t there, I couldn’t be with them because deep in my gut instincts something felt off.

What I gained out of these experiences and why none of them ever worked out was because I am able to see soul potential first before their face and body. This is what many highly evolved souls go through, we see soul potential. We honour the truth of a soul and then turn a blind eye if that person is unable to recognize that in themselves.

I discovered because of this amazing gift I have to love another’s soul, has hindered that individual in their own growth. Eventually, they would become dependent on me to give them that level of depth they were unable to give to themselves. It would feed a codependent pattern of over giving and unrequited love, an experience my higher self created because of my own conditioning of never getting the love I knew I deserved as a child. I created the situation to mirror back the lack I had in myself of over giving.

Meeting my twin flame this past year, I realized I continued to fall into that same pattern and although I hated saying goodbye, I walked away in a deep self-love for myself and refuse to place myself in a position again falling for someone’s soul potential. For me, on my path now, if someone can not act from their deep self-love for themselves, and to be in alignment with the Cosmos, who is willing to do the work, then I would rather be on my own.

This is where Divine Union comes in and what true Cosmic love is:

  • It’s curious and slow, never hot, lustful, fast nor clingy. It won’t feel like a pull, it will feel like curiosity and a deep gut knowing that this person is interesting
  • There is zero romance. Instead, you are romanced by the Universe because you feel more connected to the Universe inside of yourself than ever before. This is because you are open to receiving
  • It’s kind, open, and honest. It’s soft and whispers to your soul. If you are not aware of yourself it might just pass you
  • It’s HIGHLY respectful mutual energy between the two of you. You can’t speak shit to this person because it hurts you more than it hurts them
  • It’s knowing that there is something special here but you just can’t place it. You won’t be physically attracted to them, nor will they be your “type”.You won’t care what they have materially, who they are in society because nothing in the material world will matter. You will fall in love with how great they are at owning their power to MANIFEST their dreams in the physical world
  • There is a deep humbleness being in this person’s presence. There is a natural calm and a peace to this connection. If you can find this peace then it is the
  • Universe expressing it’s infinite love through this person into your heart because you have opened yourself up to that inside of yourself
  • It doesn’t matter what attention they give you because you will feel that deep peace you share together, and so their attention can go elsewhere. It is that inner confidence you both share in this connection that will guide you both towards the oneness in where we are all the same. It is in this space where we all meet, where we are one and where duality ends. This is where the term”Namaste” comes in, where we honour the soul in that same place of where we came from in the Universe. It is because of this inner knowing of sameness where you will feel free with this person and there won’t be a need to compromise.

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Take those above points and now compare them to the attraction you have felt with other people. Most earth based relationships on the planet are:

  • Hot, fast, exciting and it makes you feel good when they pay attention to you
  • How are you compatible with this person, mentally, physically, emotionally? Let us check our list and compare how much we have in common. Check, check, and check
  • The sex is unlike anything
  • This person fits the lifestyle you created for yourself
    It’s romantic and sweet. They do romantic things for you and it draws you in.(Another form of attachment)

Do you recognize the difference? Now don’t get me wrong, earth-based human relationships are needed to help us in our expansion, and there is real true love there. It’s simply the doorway to more expansion.

Some people right now aren’t ready for a Divine Union and there is nothing wrong with that. You will know in your gut when you are ready for a divine union vs. an earth-based relationship, neither is better or worse

Your higher self will continue to show you the resistance in your earth-based relationships of where you are not loving yourself. You will do the inner work and still, something will feel off to you. You will know when the resistance is so much that it’s time to let go of these types of relationships and to move into the seeking stage of a divine union. It will be a resistance that you can no longer ignore.

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I don’t like saying one is better than the other, it’s all about how much more can you or are you willing to expand and evolve yourself? If you aren’t ready, you simply aren’t ready.

For me, my ultimate is to be with my twin flame, but I am also quite happy allowing the Universe to bring me a soulmate who can match my vibration. We can not be attached to anyone or any label, or it will create resistance and stop the natural flow of expansion and evolution.

Letting go and surrendering to a higher power is a key lesson in transitioning into a Divine Union. It is the inner knowing that you must let go when something feels off inside of you so that the Universe can come in and work that shit out. YES! It is super painful. Pain and loss never end no matter how much you have expanded. Pain is needed in the physical reality so we can further learn how to love ourselves deeper than before and to solidify our relationship and faith in the Cosmos. It’s all about learning a deeper act of self-nurturing and self-mastery and how to roll with the flow of life instead of resisting it.

Trust me, after finding this amazing connection I realized it wasn’t time for us, and it might not be in this life. I had to let go to allow growth for both of us.

To have full surrender to the Universe is to continue to hold your vibration as a sacred act of mastery because all humans on the planet have the ability to get to this point of emotional mastery. It is where I reside now, in full allowance that I really have no control over how things manifest, all I know is that the Universe knows my heart and my desires and as long as I act out of pure self-love for myself by setting healthy boundaries to keep my vibe intact where I am still able to serve and give to others, then true divine love, no matter a soulmate or my twin, true love will land in my lap as well.

Written by Rena Wells
Originally appeared on

Divine Unions & Earth Based Relationships
Divine Unions Earth Based Relationships

Rena Wells

It has taken many years to navigate my hypersensitivity. I discovered my extrasensory abilities – clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience and claircognizance, at a very young age. I soon realized the way in which I experienced the world was completely different than most people.The Universe guided me through a complex healing journey, where I was taught how to hold a strong, expansive power against darker forces. Since then I have healed complex PTSD, rage, chronic depression, anxiety and self harm. It is because of my own journey through the dark, that I am able to guide and catalyze my clients into their own divine connection to their true self – activating their own natural sensitivities and inner healer. This is true empowerment!I don’t play in the mind, I work with the authentic alignment of your soul’s blueprint and get you aligned with your feelings and understanding your natural internal energy system. I will take you deep into your gut instincts, and your emotions where you feel the most uncomfortable however if you are willing to face your darkness I will show you how to find peace between your light and your dark. I don’t want you to be fearful anymore because I know you are such a powerful soul and you are here for a reason!www.renawells.comView Author posts

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