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What Your Day of Birth Reveals About Your Personality and Destiny


19th of any month:

A born Achiever

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There is only one thing in your mind and that’s winning in all areas of your life. It seems that you can do that – relatively easy. That’s probably something, other people envy you for. You have that magical something that can open the doors of all opportunities. Your aura possesses attractive abilities. Use it to attract good fortune.


20th of any month:

A born Empath

It’s’ quite impossible to turn down your natural intuitive abilities. Actually there are so great that can freak out others. Although your abilities can help you in many areas of your life you have to ground and shield yourself from times to times because all these emotions can turn you into a ticking bomb!

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21st of any month:

A born Celebrity

You tend to make quite large social circles even from a young age. But even if you don’t prefer the company of many people, you must have already realized that others crave your attention, probably because of your many talents and of course the magical way you communicate. This particular ability is what defines your from all others.


22nd of any month:

A born Calibrator

It’s really amazing how easily you can turn a lost cause into a successful project. This comes naturally to you as your intellectual skills work perfectly with your intuition. Your heart and your mind can create miracles if you learn to keep this balance. Patience is the key.

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23rd of any month:

A born Communicator

Your spiritual magnetism creates an aura of attraction around you. If you learn how to use your natural communication skills together with your amazing charisma you can become really famous and successful. This magical ‘something’ on you is a gift you should definitely learn how to use.


24th of any month:

A born Nurturer

Your kindhearted self is born to give love and affection to anyone around you. This natural tendency is makes you unique and invaluable. People seem to depend and unfortunately … attach to your energy. This is something you must learn to deal with, unless you want to wake up with depleted energy levels.


25th of any month:

A born Guide

Yes, you are a born accomplisher and yes you always try to finish what you’ve already started. However, this is not always something beneficial. You don’t always have to analyse and put so much effort in finishing a project – especially when this project no longer serves your needs. Try to meditate, and reevaluate your goals.


26th of any month:

A born Force

You must already know that your power exceeds time and space. Moreover, you are decisive and you can easily find a way to persuade others. However, do not try to control people because even if you succeed at first, you will face the consequences later. Show your way and stay confident – yet listen to others too!


27th of any month:

A born Analyst

You have an amazing ability to analyse things, people and situations around you. Your powerful mind has the ability to cope with even the most complicated issues and this is why others admire you. Try to find some peace though as you mind needs some rest. Love can help you find balance in your life.


28th of any month:

A born Risk-taker

Challenges come and go, yet you always have something to declare to the World. You are not an easy player. If someone wants to challenge you, s/he should think again. One of your talents is to change the outcome of projects. When things get screwed up, you are the first to call. Play safe though.


29th of any month:

A born Counsellor

That’s what defines you. Your ability to judge and consult others. Your phone probably rings all the time from people asking you what to do. Although, this sometimes can be rewarding, if it happens persistently, it may drive you nuts. Therefore, you should find a way to balance the needs of people around you, with what you truly want.

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