5 Expert Tips For Dating During the Coronavirus

5 Expert Tips For Dating During Coronavirus

To his credit, he is happy to sit there and listen to me while I spout out whatever information I might have just learned. What occurred to me yesterday, when I was sharing ‘just one more thing,’ was that I might be driving him crazy and stressing him out by interrupting him all the time and sharing whatever tidbit I had discovered.

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If your new person is more like me and you are more like my partner, are you being supportive and listening? If your new person is lackadaisical and you are stressed out, are you respecting their need to be that way and not insisting that they listen to everything that you have to say?

If you and the contender for your heart have different perspectives on this pandemic, don’t automatically write them off. Everyone reacts to things differently and if this person is the yin to your yang, that could be a very good thing, now, during future crises and in life.

4. Play together, far apart.

Again, what is going on in the world has altered modern dating.

Dinners out, movie dates and social times with friends and family have all been put to the side for now. So, what, people ask, is left?

As I wrote above, now is the time to do things differently. Imagine how it would feel to receive a love letter from your new person. Or to curl up in bed and talk into the night, not being concerned that you are in your old lady undies or your favorite holey t-shirt.

Of course, just doing things the old fashioned way isn’t the only option. Modern technology has made dating during coronavirus a little bit easier for all of us. How?

You can make a date for a drink on Facetime. Agree to watch a movie concurrently and pause every now and then to discuss. Do the same thing with a book. How about doing a crossword together, online or IRL.

And, of course, there is the fine art of flirting, in whatever fashion, via text and Facetime is always fun.

Just because you can’t be in each other’s presence, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun together, apart.

5. Take care of yourself.

The number one piece of advice that I give to every person in every situation is to take care of yourself. This is especially important when you are dating during the coronavirus.

These times are incredibly stressful and, outside of dating, you might find yourself off-kilter. This new way of living is throwing us all off a bit and it will take a while to get used to the new normal.

Add dating into the mix and you just might find yourself in full stress mode.

During this time, make an extra special effort to take care of yourself. Take baths, keep in touch with friends, eat food that makes you happy, hug your kitty. And, if the person you are newly connected with makes you feel in any way bad about yourself, let them go. Don’t waste even one minute with someone who doesn’t make you feel worthy and special.


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Dating during the coronavirus is a whole new thing with a whole different set of rules.

I see this as an opportunity, however, for all of you who are out there trying to find love.

This is an opportunity to do things differently, to get to know new people without all of the modern stressors, to have fun and face fears and to get to learn how to take care of yourself first.

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