Why You Need To Date A Man Who Smiles


Date A Man Who Smiles: Be With Someone Who Makes You Smile

Date a man who smiles. Date a man who spends his time on improving himself emotionally as well as physically. He might have issues with time because he has an unquenchable thirst for living, and for life itself.

Date A Man Who Smiles: And Be With Someone Who Makes You Smile

Date a man who has a list of things he wants to learn about himself, about the world around him, and about others.

Find a man who smiles.

The smiling man is a man who chases his dreams.

You’ll know that he does because he will tell you what he wants from his experience on this planet, and what he wishes for others.

He’s the one who engages people he’s just met and asks them with inquisitive interest what they are doing in their lives, and then dives into the conversation without one-upping them with something he’s doing.

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You see the guy listening to the conversation with a smirk on his face?

He’s the right guy. He’s always learning from what others have learned, and love to hear about your experiences. Even if it’s something he might not do or accomplish, he will enjoy it vicariously without feeling threatened, slighted, or insecure.

He’s the guy who is trying new things, watching others try new things, and enjoys both.

If you stop to talk to him, he will tell you about a new book he has read, a new place he has visited, or a new class he is taking. He is lost in his lust for life and for living. He recognizes that he has limited time, and wants to make the most of it.

Buy him a cup of coffee and hear his stories. You’ll find he listens to yours with as much zeal as he tells you his.

Ask him if he is a foodie or a traveler. Ask him if he likes to watch sports or play sports. See which he enjoys better: Learning a new language or taking guitar lessons. His answer to all of these questions will be a resounding, “Yes.”

It’s easy to date a man who smiles. Give him your time, as it is the perfect gift—he can’t outgrow it, lose it, or change it but he will remember it always.

Play cards with him and chat. Drink coffee. Watch a movie. Take a hike. Discuss a current event or a book. Walk through a crowded market with him; he will start conversations with others just to learn about them, and you will learn about each other simultaneously.

But there is no pressure to join him in these conversations. He learns and grows because he must, but he will never hold it against you if you aren’t on his schedule or path. He is just driven to learn, experience, and enjoy the people around him.

If you make a mistake, he’ll roll with it—and smile. He knows that people aren’t perfect because he isn’t. He acknowledges his faults, so he won’t hold yours against you. If you fail him, he may be disappointed but all will be well—and he’ll smile.

He knows that through failure comes experience and learning and that you can always try again.

He is a master of empathy. Through it all, he knows how to walk a mile in your shoes without wasting time judging you. He understands that people embrace their own potential over time and that they are on their own schedule.

If you find a man who smiles, don’t let him go. He will be involved in multiple things learning and growing. You might lose him to his passion for a short time, but he will always come back to you. He will want to share what’s he’s doing—with you—and will also want to hear about anything/everything you’re doing.

He might propose to you via video chat or at a concert with his voice screaming above the din or poolside with a margarita in-hand or while walking through a bustling downtown. He is passion-incarnate, so when his love reaches that level, it will be uncontrollable. It will burst to get out.

You will smile and laugh like you never have your eyes crinkled and scrunched up into slits of happiness.

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Date a man who smiles because you deserve it.

As a woman, you have a right to all the happiness, energy, passion, desire, and laughter that life can bequeath you. If you are looking for a drama-filled existence or a life unexamined, you are better off with a different type of man.

But if you want a life that is fiery and filled with joy, date a man who smiles.

Written by Charles J. Orlando
Originally appeared in Charles J. Orlando
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Date A Man Who Smiles: Be With Someone Who Makes You Smile
fall in love with someone who makes you smile

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