Creepy Optical Illusion That Will Leave You Terrified

Creepy optical Illusion

If you’re thinking about interesting activities to do, then optical illusions are a fun way to pass time. While they can be entertaining, they can also be bizarre and terrifying. For instance, take this creepy optical illusion — it might just make you jump or scream a little when you uncover what it hides.

How Do Optical Illusions Work?

Optical illusions may deceive or mislead our minds by using colors, light, and patterns to create visuals. The brain processes the information acquired by the eye, resulting in a perception that does not match the actual image.

Try This Creepy Optical Illusion Now!

A scary optical illusion is being shared on social media as it claims that it will leave you seeing terrifying visions — so try it at your own risk!

This creepy optical illusion was shared by a user named Hectic Nick who initially posted a photo of a creepy smiley face on TikTok. If you follow his instructions, the image may be used to trick your mind.

This optical illusion is created to make viewers experience scary sights, and it is not recommended that you try it alone.

So what are you waiting for? Give this a try!

Creepy Optical Illusion
Credits: YouTube screenshot. (TikTok/@HecticNick)

Instructions For This Viral Optical Illusion

Nick challenged his viewers by asking them to focus their eyes on the red dot illusion for about 10 to 15 seconds. After that, he suggested that they look at a blank wall and start blinking.

Most viewers reported seeing a huge face on the blank wall, similar to the one seen in the picture. They said that seeing the face was a creepy experience and that it gave them the chills.

Some said that they didn’t see anything. But we’ve tried it, now it’s your chance to give this scary optical illusion a chance.

What did you see? Tell us about the TikTok optical illusion in the comments below!

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  1. Maurice Gauna Avatar
    Maurice Gauna

    I TOO SEEN THE MASK BUT WHAT SEEN WAS THE Mask you see and interpret dramatic movise, you know the hysterical face and the sad face. I SEEN the hysterical one, didn’t get creeped out though

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