Why Frequent Social Media Sharing by Couples Indicates Lack of Depth In Relationships

Why Frequent Social Media Sharing Indicates Lack of Depth In Couples

Did you know that regular social media sharing by couples is a sign that they lack emotional depth and emotional maturity in their relationships?

Social media is one platform where people just can’t stop showing off all the cool stuff in their lives. We know of such people who are always posting the cheesiest stuff targeted at their partners or lovers. Love quotes, movie scenes and all such super-sentimental stuff keep appearing on our news feed from time to time with things like

“Feeling loved with…” and stuff like that.

Is it necessary to flaunt the status of one’s relationship? No, it’s not and it’s outright tacky and boring for most of us. But, then it’s their life and they can do what makes them happy.

Reality is that the ostentatious display of their love life may not indicate the real picture. They want to create an image to tell the whole world how happy they are or how real their love is. They feel the need to be validated now and then. The reactions and comments on their post are the kick they need to go on.

If you are one of those who keep wondering how some of your friends have this picture-perfect love life, just know—they don’t.


Here is why such perfect relationships may be actually lacking depth:

1. They click pictures of only the happy times.

No one wants to wash their dirty linen in public. So, people just post all the happy and romantic things about their relationship. They want to convince others that they are happy. The likes and comments on their post convince them that they are indeed happy.


2. When there is intense happiness, taking photos is the last thing in your mind.

When you are with your significant other, deeply in love and lost in each other, you are living in the moment. Taking photos will not always occur to you. It will be the last thing in your mind.

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3. You are too sensitive about your relationship to discuss it on social media.

When you are actually in love, you are sensitive about your relationship. You don’t want to discuss your fights and arguments with everyone. It’s just not cool for you. You know it very well it won’t do any good for your relationship.


4. Too many posts mean the necessity for external validation.

People who post frequently about their most intimate relationships don’t do it because they are overflowing with happiness but because they need validation or to make a point. It can be to show to tell the world their partner is ‘taken’ or make their ex jealous. Or just to prove to their family and friends they are ‘oh so happy’.


5. Less time on social media means more time together.

Frequent posts mean too much time on social media. So, when do these people spend time with the ‘love of their life’? Are such couples even able to give each other the attention that is necessary for a fulfilling relationship? Well, no. It only means, they are physically together, but mentally and emotionally apart.

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6. Science has proved people spending lesser time on social media have better relationships.

People who spend too much time on social media can be depressed as they are continuously comparing their life with others as others always try to portray their lives as perfect. Truth be told, there is no one who is completely or always happy. What we see on social media, are the tiny glimpses they share with us. So, it’s stupid to compare your life with someone else’s.

It’s true that sometimes we are so happy that we want to share the pieces of our happy moments with our friends and family. This is absolutely fine and normal. But, it’s really important to understand if the reason is sheer joy or any of the reasons mentioned above.

If you want to know more about how social media sharing by couples indicate a lack of depth in their relationship, then check out this video below:

Why Frequent Social Media Sharing Indicates Lack of Depth In Couples

Why Frequent Social Media Sharing Indicates Lack of Depth In Couples


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