What Color Is Your Shadow Self? – Mind Game

What Color Is Your Shadow Self? - Mind Game

What Color Is Your Shadow Self?

Every person alive has an inner fire deep down inside their body that burns colorfully. In a way it’s similar to one’s aura but, instead of giving off an external glow, it shines internally and remains hidden.

This concealed energy is part of an individual’s “shadow,” the portion of their self which is constantly being repressed and kept a secret, hidden and locked away in our subconsciousness. The famed psychologist Carl Jung defined our shadow as the personalities dark side, one that is rife with uncertainty and governed by base level, animal type instincts.

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However dark it may seem and appear to be at first glance, our shadow can also be very positive. It’s thought to be a major source of creativity and is one reason why we are able to value and enjoy life and freedom so much. Our shadow may appear in our dreams and if you are able to connect with it, you can use that interaction to figure out some of what you are repressing or holding back.

The real aspect this quiz seeks to figure out is what the color of your inner shadow is. Studies in color psychology have shown that different colors affect various aspects of our lives and impact our feelings, attitudes, and choices in major and minor ways. Findings from those studies can be applied and meshed with information on the shadow and compared with the colors you pick up on when viewing an image. In turn, this can lead you to discover more about yourself and what’s hiding in your unconsciousness.

Click on the “Let’s Play!” button now to take the quiz and figure out what color your shadow is.

Have fun and enjoy it!


What color did you get? Let us know in the comments below!

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What Color Is Your Shadow Self – Mind Game
What Color Is Your Shadow Self?
What Color Is Your Shadow Self? - Mind Game

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