Chinese Zodiac Love Compatibility: Which Sign Is Your Soul Match?

Chinese Zodiac Love Compatibility: Which Sign Is Your Soul Match?


  • Year of the Monkey:

Best Match: Ox, Dragon, Goat, Rabbit, Monkeys

If you were born in the year of the monkey you are in for a fun love year indeed. Your best Chinese zodiac love compatibility matches will be like you, playful and always sociable. You do very well with the ox or the dragon, and you find great satisfaction with the goat, rabbit, and other monkeys. The snake, pig, dog, and rooster are going to make you work for love. And the horse and the tiger have far too much energy for your small needs. But if other love compatibility variables pan out you will experience deep contentment as you usually find a way to be happy no matter where you are or who you are with.


• Year of the Rooster:

Best Match: Dragon, Ox

Those born in the year of the rooster have a lot of energy and so you don′t often put love on the front burner. You prefer matches that have the same kind of freedom in their life, but you do want commitment. The snake and the pig are the most compatible Chinese zodiac signs for you as they appreciate where you are coming from. You can make it work with a dragon or ox, but you will both need to come halfway sometimes. The monkey, horse, tiger, and rabbit may put you off with their preferences, as you are more social. But you find a way if you really want to. Fellow roosters are often too much for you, but so long as you both bring a balanced approach to love it works. Don′t push it too hard if it′s not though, as you really would be happier elsewhere.


  • Year of the Dog:

Best Match: Ox, Pig, Tiger

You embody the qualities of a man′s best friend, and are loyal, a sincere heart, love unconditionally and you also like taking the lead. You also like the great outdoors! You are looking for a match that appreciates the same, like a horse, pig, or tiger. The rabbit could be a good friend but romance will seem forced, as would another dog or a monkey. The dragon and the ox are complicated matches for you, but if you pass off the lead then it′s golden. The goat, snake, and rat are going to be a lot of work for your unconditional love, so just make sure they have earned it.


• Year of the Pig:

Best Match: Dog, Rooster, Rat, Tiger, Pig, Rabbit, Goat

Those born in the year of the pig model the qualities of the “happier than a pig in mud” mindset. You are pretty easy to please and your Chinese zodiac love compatibility reflects that. You get along with everybody. So you have a lot of perfect matches. The dog, rooster, rat, tiger, pig, rabbit, and goat will all be great matches. You may have some issues with the snake that is better moving on from, and the monkey, ox, and horse aren′t your cup of tea but you find a way to make everybody happy in the process. Of all of the Chinese zodiac signs, you are the one that makes everybody happy.


And there you have it. Your first primer on Chinese zodiac love compatibility! How did you fare?

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Chinese Zodiac Love Compatibility: Which Sign Is Your Soul Match?

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