Think about a person who inspires you and one you adore for their qualities and personality traits. This individual can be someone related to you or someone at your workplace.

In the very same way, you too have people around you who look up to you for whatever you are. You may not notice them because of your busy schedule, but they are there. You inspire them with your qualities which can be anything from the way you laugh, your sense of humor, your intelligence, or the way you deal with difficult situations. In fact, it can be just about anything.

You can use these qualities to attract people who adore you. In fact, adoration is a very strong feeling which gives way to attraction very easily.

Take note of these 7 ways in which you can draw the adoration of others.


You are unique and there is no one in this universe just like you. Be comfortable in your skin and be proud of who you are and what you are. It is easier said than done and many of us are unable to do it. Once you love being yourself, your inner self shines, and it reflects in your persona. You are confident and not afraid of your flaws. You are capable of making people accept you with your shortcomings. They know you don’t live in a shell of falsehood and you are brave enough to reveal your true self. This is what makes you beautiful inside out.


No one admires fake people. Be honest in whatever you do. No matter how uncomfortable it might get, have the strength to be honest. Honesty often creates enemies but it also attracts the right people.

There will be many people who will disapprove of your unfettered behavior. Pay no heed to them. The right ones will see you are bereft of selfishness and false ego. You don’t use falsehood to manipulate people or situations.

It is tough to be honest but you will be adored and loved for it. 


People with a good sense of humor have a way of making things light. A good sense of humor is an asset and people who possess it are adored widely. For women this is an important factor in a relationship. A Stanford University research showed girls showed more positive feelings and a sense of reward in response to humor than boys did.


As human beings we change as the world around us changes. We imbibe new things and change knowingly or unknowingly. Our thinking and mindsets also change and we begin to look differently at the societal norms that have been in existence for several years.

Mindless cutting of trees and setting up of factories is no longer viewed as progress. People who have dared to think differently have forced the rich and powerful to be responsible to the environment and for global warming. Wars and forcefully capturing other sovereign nations, human rights violation, etc. are now challenged by new evolutionary thoughts.

You may have your own stand on the above issues but it is essential that you have an open mind. An intelligent person can always digest others’ points of view without being affected. You will truly attract someone who loves by how you keep your original views intact. Taking on conventional thinking and exposing your own thoughts on issues requires intelligent and fluid thinking. It is not something we come by frequently and when you exhibit these important traits, you are adored for solid reasons.


It is not difficult or uncommon to come across selfish people. They are always too engrossed with themselves, their needs and wants and hardly have any concern about others. When you meet them they will discuss their problems only and will have nothing much to discuss or talk about.

Do you like such people? No one likes them and they really don’t deserve much attention either.

The best way to be adored by others is to be just the opposite of this. Being helpful is a great quality. Thinking about others and making an effort to help others in distress is the need of the hour. The world would be a much better place if more and more people took note of the misery around them. Social ills, hunger, and poverty can all be overcome at a much faster pace only if there are more people willing to help others.

Helpful people attract and earn a lot of adoration. You can make a great deal of difference by devoting a few hours of your day regularly to help others. If time is not what you can spare, donate something towards a social cause that is closest to your heart.


Being selfless is not so easy because the world we live in is a selfish one. Selfless people are the people who show a new way to live and inspire people to change for the better. Selfless people have the power to change the world and whenever they have decided to take on this world they, have made huge difference. Thousands of people have accepted them as their hero, their role models. They are continued to be adored by a large number of people.

Martin Luther King Jr, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Gandhi, and Buddha are some of the most selfless people the world has seen. They carried the burden of others on their shoulders and so have earned an eternal place in the hearts of the people they influenced.

Do you have selflessness in you? If not, it’s time you start changing yourself.


Humility is a beautiful trait in one’s character. Unfortunately, most role models and icons lack this characteristic. Speaking loudly about their successes and achievements has become the trend. Whatever, it may be, the adage “Actions speak louder than words” has still not lost its meaning. It still holds true.

Being humble is a great quality and people with great strength of character possess it. Humility is not the forte of domineering and brash person. People with humility are becoming exceedingly rare. Humble people barely get recognized. But wherever they are they certainly make things better for people living around them. They are adored deeply for quietly bringing so much good.

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