Can You Read Scrambled Words? Take This Fun Quiz To Prove If You Are A Genius


Brain Read Scrambled Words Fun Typoglycemia Quiz

When talking about reading skills, can you read scrambled words in the paragraph below? Test your knowledge by taking this fun quiz and compare your results with others.

Your Brain Read Scrambled Words – Try It Out!

We all enjoy quizzes or tests because our mind is like a device for cracking code. From noticing hidden clues to solving fun brain teasers our mind can do it all.

Take a look at these texts carefully, according Transposed letter effect, humans can read jumbled words with ease. Can you solve this word-scrambling phenomenon easily?

Your Brain Can Read Scrambled Words
Your brain can read jumbled words

So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to take this brain test and see if your mind is able to read scrambled words? If you answered yes, scroll below to find the brain teaser and start by reading paragraphs with jumbled letters.

Once done, scroll down to know what these jumbled texts exactly mean! Are you ready?


Figuratively speaking?
Good Example of a Brain Study. If you can read this you have a strong mind.

This message
serves to prove
how our minds can
do amazing things!
Impressive things!
In the beginning
it was hard, but
now on this line
your mind
is reading it
without even
thinking about it,
be proud! only
certain people can read this.
Please forward if
you can read this.

But before we finish reading this article, let’s take a look at why can we read jumbled words and the meaning of Typo-glycemia.

What is typoglycemia?

The term is a mixture of the words ‘typo’ and ‘glycemia.’ It is the ability to read words that are jumbled.

It explains the mental processes involved in reading written text. According to a theory, the human mind does not read every letter of every word or analyze each word in a phrase independently. In reality, it simply reads based on previous experience and cognitive understanding.

So, it doesn’t matter whether the entire word is misspelled. If the initial and last letters of a word are correct, our minds will be able to fill in the gaps between these letters using past knowledge of the term, and we will be able to read that word properly without even questioning it.

While there is no specific research behind this phenomena but it’s still a fun practice if the letters are jumbled up while reading. Don’t you think?

While being able to read these sentences may not reveal exactly anything about your IQ, it is nonetheless an interesting mental exercise.

And as we all know brain teasers are known to improve memory and reasoning abilities, so while solving this test, keep in mind that you’re training and developing your brain.

What do you think about this interesting test? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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Can Your Brain Read Jumbled Words Fun Quiz pin
Your Brain Can Read Scrambled Words? Fun Typoglycemia Quiz
Brain Read Scrambled Words Fun Typoglycemia Quiz pin

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