35+ Hilarious Black Friday Memes to Capture the Shopping Frenzy!

Funny Black friday Memes To Sum Up Your Shopping Frenzy!

Ah, Black Friday—the one day a year when the phrase “shop ’til you drop” is taken quite literally. And what better way to do that than some funny Black Friday Memes.

As we gear up for the shopping extravaganza of the century, it’s essential to arm ourselves not only with credit cards and shopping lists but also with a hearty sense of humor.

Because let’s face it, surviving Black Friday without a laugh is like trying to find a parking spot at the mall on November 23rd—nearly impossible. That’s why we have brought to you these black friday quotes!

Black Friday, once merely a day marking the beginning of the holiday shopping season, has evolved into a cultural phenomenon that extends beyond the boundaries of consumerism.

The term “Black Friday” originally referred to as financial crisis in the United States during the 1860s. Later, in the mid-20th century, the day after Thanksgiving became associated with the unofficial start of the Christmas shopping season.

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People celebrate Black Friday for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s a family tradition, a time to bond over post-Thanksgiving shopping escapades. Others see it as an opportunity to snag major discounts on high-ticket items, perhaps crossing off some items from their holiday gift lists or even treating themselves to something special.

In the spirit of finding joy amid the chaos, we’ve curated a collection of 27 Black Friday memes that perfectly capture the essence of this wild shopping frenzy. These black friday quotes and memes capture the essence of the chaos that is about to follow!

These black friday funny memes are the comic relief you didn’t know you needed, the punchline to the joke that is Black Friday. So, buckle up, dear reader, and get ready to LOL your way through the shopping mayhem.

Black Friday Memes To Get You Through The Holidays

1. Well, in my defense, Black Friday comes with the promise of epic deals!

2. Mom, where are you?

3. Yeah because I am broke!

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4. Stop it! I need to save money!

5. Next time, maybe ‘doorbuster deals’ shouldn’t involve actual busting of doors!

6. Cause it is nothing less than the fight club!

7. From the Prancing Pony to the Pelennor Battlefields how things change!

8. Waiting for the right time is my forte!

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9. I guess someone stole all my money!

10. Maybe next year we will meet the target!

11. With winter comes Black friday!

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12. The best way to reach the front of the line!

13. Whatever I will be bringing swords!

14. It’s like playing chess lol!

15. Bunch of hypocrites!

16. We don’t do that here!

17. While there, what’s the deal on bats?

18. Be a nice kid okay?

19. Can it get more annoying?

20. Next year I will be rich I promise!

21. *A Butterfly Flies Out*

22. Cause it’s a war!

23. I can’t help it okay? It was a dollar off!

24. Seems real enough!

25. I am not a Karen!

26. At least zombies don’t argue over the last discounted TV!

27. Who needs a nap when you can have a wrestling match for a blender, right?

28. Who cares? There’s 50 cents off on candles!

29. Maybe they’ll find a discount on responsibility in aisle 5.

30. Katniss could never beat me!

31. Well they got their priorities right!

32. Pasties! That’s not how it’s done!

33. Attention All Employees!

34. He should be ashamed!

35. It’s called capitalism dumb! dumb!

36. That is my plan this year. Lol

37. It Never Was!

Remember surviving the shopping chaos is an achievement worthy of a gold medal, or at least a sticker that says “I conquered the cart.” These black friday memes surely holds that sentiment!

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So, here’s to surviving Black Friday with your sense of humor intact and your credit card not completely shredded. Until next year, may your black friday funny memes be dank, your discounts plentiful, and your shopping carts forever obedient.

Happy shopping, savvy spenders, and may the laughs be ever in your favor!

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