The Biggest Liars Of The Zodiac, Ranked From Most To Least


The Biggest Liars Of The Zodiac, Ranked From Most To Least

There comes a situation in our lives where we all lie to save ourselves or prevent a disaster or to be cool. But, not all lies are the same. There are liars who seem to have completed P.hD in spinning lies and cooking false stories that they are inclined to tell lies even in undemanding situations.

There are people who are lying for so long to strangers, colleagues, friends, and loved ones that they do not know the concept of truth anymore. Maybe it is the fault in the stars. Astrological stars, signs, and planetary bodies influence human thoughts, behaviour and actions.

Here are the biggest liars of the zodiac signs ranked from most to least:



A Scorpio sure knows how to make the best use of politics in the day to day life. To emerge as the best without being bad in the eyes of the lot is the practice of a Scorpio mostly. This often leads them to take the help of lies to be on the safe side. So, technically, you can never trust a Scorpio with your deep secrets because you never know when it would be used against you.

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2. CANCER (JUNE 21 – JULY 22):

PINOCCHIO LEVEL: 3.5 out of 5

Cancer is definitely not a liar. However, you cannot even ignore the fact that Cancer is quite emotional. So, this is what makes the Cancer narrate any incident according to his or her own version. That is why, due to this one-sided explanation, Cancer is often tagged as a liar.


PINOCCHIO LEVEL: 3.5 out of 5

The Pisces are usually very creative and imaginative. Their creativity and imagination transport them to a world of their own and, hence, when they try to describe this ideal and beautiful world in which they are immersed to the others, they are unfortunately tagged as liars as the people can hardly relate with their words.

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4. GEMINI (MAY 21 – JUNE 20):

PINOCCHIO LEVEL: 3.5 out of 5

The Gemini is not an outright liar. However, a Gemini definitely knows that truth cannot prevail in each and every occasion. That is when, to adjust to the situation and to stick to the right track for a longer duration, the Gemini might take the help of a lie.



An Aquarius is not domination but knows how to use the wrong means in order to voice his or her opinion. So, when it comes to lying to recognition, an Aquarius knows how to wriggle his or her way out.

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6. LEO (JULY 23 – AUGUST 22):

PINOCCHIO LEVEL: 2.5 out of 5

The Leo is not a skilful liar. However, Leo surely knows how to exaggerate things. This is what makes the Leo one of the best storytellers of all time and makes him or her closer towards becoming a liar.



A Sagittarius might not be the friendliest of the lot. However, that does not make this zodiac liars at all. In fact, hatching a plot against someone or lying to destroy the reputation of a person is something a Sagittarius cannot possibly do. And, if they do lie, they get trapped in their own words.

8. TAURUS (APRIL 20 – MAY 20):


The Taurus is definitely very hardworking. And, these people firmly believe that if they good and stay on the right track, they can eventually achieve success in their respective fields. So, if you are facing a Taurus, you don’t have to fear betrayal.


PINOCCHIO LEVEL: 1.5 out of 5

A Capricorn is one of those people who know how to confront a grave situation. This person would never think of using falsity to improve or to succeed. So, sharing your deepest desires with a Capricorn is quite safe and you can count on the person to help you in your moments of desperation.

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A Virgo is one Zodiac Sign that could never feel very comfortable wearing the shoes of a liars. In fact, the Virgo usually reveals that he or she is about to lie if you closely observe his or her facial expression. Thus, a Virgo is definitely safe to trust your secrets with.



A Libra is not a liar basically. However, at the same time, a Libra is not very strong-headed when it comes to confronting a difficult situation at hand. So, these zodiac liars take the help of a lie to come out of a critical situation.

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12. ARIES (MARCH 21 – APRIL 19):


The Aries is usually very straightforward. So, when you ask something to an Aries, be ready to get a truthful answer to your question; and, don’t expect the answer to be in your favor always because the Aries never backs down from confrontation.

Well, this definitely does not give you the license to judge whom to trust and whom not to. In fact, you cannot rely completely on Zodiac Signs when it comes to speaking the truth, Honesty is a character that comes from within and this trait has very little resemblance to the common Zodiac traits if a person can build his or her morality well.

So, trust your instincts more than the stars to help yourself from suffering a bitter experience in life.

The Biggest Liars Of The Zodiac Signs
The Biggest Liars Of The Zodiac Signs, Ranked.
Biggest Liars Of Zodiac pin
The Biggest Liars Of The Zodiac, Ranked From Most To Least

8 responses to “The Biggest Liars Of The Zodiac, Ranked From Most To Least”

  1. Alison Uphill Avatar

    Don’t know. I’m a Sagittarius and must be on page 2 which won’t come up.

  2. Robin Avatar

    Absolutely false. A Scorpio is all about telling the truth. And whether you like it or not is not our concern. The truth is all you need to know. And we can be brutal in our honesty. Ask anyone who is close to a Scorpio. We sting.

  3. Renne Avatar

    this is SOOOO not true about me I’m a Leo but I DONT ALWAYS LIE and I’m a girl >:(

  4. Tricia Avatar

    I don’t know where you get your views from but this is definitely not right about me.. l am a Scorpio who can always be trusted .. l don’t divulge people’s secret even when they have divulged mine.. l am very candid and hate hypocrites.. My husband is a Scorpio and we both share the same qualities..

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